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Now Hiring!

We are seeking a dynamic and visionary individual to join our team and drive our efforts in creating impactful and engaging events, fostering strong community relationships, and advancing our mission to make a positive difference.

If you have a passion for event management, community building, and making a meaningful impact, we invite you to be a part of our dedicated team and contribute to our transformative journey.

This a volunteer role at Board level

Qualifying Criteria and Commitment Details

  •  Board Director must be able to commit to 10 hours of support per month.
  • Embody Gulf4Good Core Values (Compassion, Community, Courage, Fun, Trust, Teamwork).
  • Should have attended a minimum of one Gulf for Good Challenge / 5 hikes or training sessions / 3 socials
  • Once selected and appointed, Board Directors will sign an agreement and commit to serve for minimum
    of one year, after which the agreement can be renewed or terminated.

Role and Responsibilities
1. Represent and promote Gulf for Good, seek opportunities for both goodwill sponsorship and potential private client challenges
2. Identify opportunities to promote Gulf for Good, its events and initiatives
3. Create the Events and Community Calendar in partnership with the Gulf for Good Operations Team
4. Advise on Gulf for Good’s events and community strategy and plans
5. Ensure events are in line with Gulf for Good’s guidelines and values
6. Ensure events are of high-quality and delivered effectively to the best of the organisation’s abilities
7. Present event proposals to the Board for approval (part of the monthly Board meeting report)
8. Seek relevant pro-bono & in-kind event services support where necessary
9. Manage any Event Company relationships
10. Accountability for the Gulf for Good Ball and support the Operations Team to organize it
11. Act as lead governor of all events and community activities, being accessible and main point of contact for the operational team
12. Support with the organisation’s technological development to achieve events and community initiatives
13. Oversee the events and community budget and advise on decisions relating to costs
14. Create a community engagement programme and support it’s execution
15. Work with the Board of Governors and operational team to achieve the organisation’s mission
16. Attend monthly Board meetings


Write to [email protected] with your CV and cover letter by 4th September 2023.