Mission Himalaya Children's Eco Home & Farm


Mission Himalaya was founded in 2008 by a group of socially committed professionals to help rural and back tracked Nepalese communities. Not only have they committed to reaching out to those in need of proper healthcare and education but are also dedicated to helping orphaned and homeless children. Nepal has as many as 80,000 orphans, all in need of a safe, secure home.

Their objectives are:

  • to help build self-sustaining eco-friendly children’s home, for orphaned and abandoned children
  • to build proper healthcare centres, schools and even homes for the rural communities all over Nepal
  • provide basic medical treatment to local communities in rural areas, with no proper access to healthcare centres
  • to perform eye cataract surgeries – free of cost, including a pre-operation check-up, as well as post-operating follow up
  • to build a strong relation with the local communities, to help expand our future community-based services and charities

Their primary project has been:

The Children's Eco Home & Farm - A self-sustaining eco-friendly home for orphans based in Kavre, Panauti. Mission Himalaya provide proper care and nurturing to children who have been abandoned or orphaned. 

Number of children impacted: 30

United Nation's sustainable development goal: Welfare and Housing

Charity number: Registration No: 134/064/065


Gulf for Good have been working with Mission Himalaya since 2009, when funds were first donated by the English College Dubai to secure 1,930 square meters of land near Panauti for the Children’s Home & Eco Farm. The land was purchased in early 2010. There are currently 30 children in residence.

Gulf for Good has since funded the following, through various Gulf for Good Challenges:

2021 Virtual Everest Base Camp

USD5,000 (18,365) - Green House tunnel setup at the Eco Home to produce crops and vegetables that can be eaten and also sold at the market for increased sustainability.

2018 Land of the Thunder Dragon Challenge

This challenge raised USD21,056 to fund a washroom, lockers and a baseball court including fencing and roofing, a green house and the installation of a proper drainage system and soak pit.

2017 Everest Base Camp Challenge with OMG

This challenge raised USD23,949 to purchase solar panels and extra floor for the boy’s dormitory.

2017 Annapurna Base Camp Challenge

This challenge raised USD25,206 to purchase chickens and a coop, solar panel to heat hot water, furniture for the dining room and bedrooms and a CCTV security system.

2016 Poon Hill Challenge with Emirates NBD

This challenge raised USD29,700 to purchase additional insulation & to erect a boundary wall for newly acquired land.

2016 Bhutan Challenge

This challenge raised USD36,522 to insulate the Home's internal walls and add extra layers of glass to the huge windows of the building, helping to keep the kids protected from the bitter cold of the winter season. During Nepal’s winter, the temperature averages an icy 9 degrees, often dropping to below zero at night.

2015 Everest Base Camp Challenge

This challenge raised USD29,432 to fund a multipurpose vehicle for transporting the children to school, study tours as well as for emergencies plus medical and dental check-ups and daily activities.

2012 The Children’s Eco farm opened its doors to 16 children. 

2011 Everest Base Camp Challenge

This challenge raised USD69,833 to fund the completion of the main building and ancillary buildings. 

2009 Annapurna Circuit Trek

This challenge raised USD48,233 to fund the first stages of building the Mission Himalaya Eco Home & Farm Orphanage (formerly New Youth Children's Development Society). This work began mid-2010 to October 2011 by laying out the access road and boundary wall, then putting in latrines, showers, the guardhouse, and the first level of the main house, including 2 large bedrooms, kitchen/dining, plumbing, electrics and wastewater facilities.


The following are the charity's current needs that we are working towards supporting. 

USD5,625 (AED20,660) - Installation of Solar Powered Backup System for Electricity supply at Eco Home. Gulf for Good has previously funded solar panels, however these only provide for basic electricity coverage. Nepal is notorious for power cuts, often leaving the children without electricity in many areas of the home.

USD3,250 (AED11,950) - Installation of additional Solar Water Heating System at Eco Home with capacity for 500L per day for showering and washing.


Educational Support to Shree Baal Adarsha Lower Secondary School, in support of 87 current students (some of the Eco Farm children attend this school) and with the aim of increasing number of students and sending more children to school

Water tank for water storage (1000 litres) - USD 375 (AED1,375)
The whole area is facing shortage of drinking water and their only source is 18-20 km far from the school. They get water for one hour per day only and sometimes after 4-5 days. The school doesn’t have storage facility to store the water which comes from the tap.

Toilets maintenance - USD 2,500 (AED9,175)
The condition of the student’s toilet is very poor. The basins and sinks are damaged.

Computers (2 sets) with tables and chairs - USD 1,125 (AED4,130)
They have computer science taught from class 6 to 8 but not enough computers for practical classes.

Classrooms furniture (Carpet, Low study tables, Benches, White Boards) - USD 5,000 (AED18,350)
They don’t have enough furniture in the classrooms.

Library and Books - USD2,500 (AED9,175)
Extra books like Science, Nature, Culture, Geography, Wildlife, even Novels, story books and poems for the children will be an added value.

Books and Stationeries for the children - USD 3,750 (13,765)
Books are provided by the Government but they cannot afford to pay for extra English medium books. They also need copies, pens, pencils, sharpeners and other stationeries items.

School Uniforms - USD 5,000 (AED18,350)
Students do not have proper uniforms and are wearing old and torn ones, as their parents cannot afford the cost for new ones. Some parents are not even sending their children to school because of lack of school uniforms.

Book shelves, tables, chairs for the administration office - USD 1,875 (AED6,880)

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