Physically Active Youth


Physically Active Youth (PAY) provides a safe, supportive and enjoyable environment where young people voluntarily participate and progress in a range of activities that contribute to their holistic development comprising physical health, education and life skills. In so doing, PAY works toward building the fundamentals of citizenship and respect for human rights while fostering a sense of mutual responsibility for the benefit of community, at both local and national levels. PAY’s mission is to nurture the holistic development of Namibian youth, develop their critical reasoning skills and inculcate movement as lifestyle.

Number of children impacted: 300

United Nation's Sustainable development goals: 3 Good Health and Well Being, 10 Reduced Inequalities 

Charity registration number: 21/2005/521

Children growing up in the informal settlements of Windhoek face entrenched inequities that lead to poor educational and life outcomes. Poverty, inadequate nutrition, poor quality public schools, lack of adequate shelter, lack of conducive study places, exposure to physical and sexual violence, and lack of emotional support are among the challenges making these youth among the most marginalized in Namibian society.

With limited opportunities to realize their potential, less than 25% of youth from the Katutura township in Windhoek make it to university, and rates of drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, street crime, prison, and premature death are high.

PAY works to alleviate these statistics and injustices by empowering young people with a robust holistic youth development offering that goes beyond addressing the individual needs of the young person to helping them identify opportunities and career pathways they would never have been exposed to if they hadn’t been at PAY.

Changing lives through cycling, digital literacy and robotics.

The project aims to strengthen the cycling, digital literacy and robotics project at PAY while also extending it to reach Orange Babies centre in Agste Laan informal settlement in Otjomuise where PAY already has 'football 4 life' skills project in place since 2021.

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