Sponsorship Guidelines

Our work would not be possible without sponsorship. How can you help?

We rely on sponsorship for our own sustainability as a separate entity to our fundraising efforts for our charity projects.

It is only with the support of sponsor companies that we will be able to continue to help children around the world. In return we would be happy to explore what we can do to impart added value to your company.

Sponsorship can come in the form of a private donation, a public donation or even in kind services and support. Contact [email protected] to discuss sponsorship opportunities and what you or your organisation can receive in return.

On behalf of everyone at Gulf for Good, and especially all the children from our charity projects, thank you for taking the time to consider our cause.

We would also appreciate your help by passing this message on to anyone in your network you think might be interested in sponsoring us.

Sponsor us so we can continue our work supporting children's projects around the world.


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