How does it all work?

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We’re often asked, “So, how does it work?” by people who want to get involved.

It's super simple...

  • Hamad thinks he'd like to do something different, he wants to get fit, and he's keen to "give back".
  • He hears about Gulf for Good, checks out the Facebook page and decideds to go along to one of their weekend fitness sessions.
  • He meets some really interesting people, all with similar goals, and decides he'll come back and find out more.
  • 3 months later and Hamad is already feeling fitter and healthier, has been on a fantastic day hike with G4G in RAK, made some great new friends, and decides we wants to join a G4G Challenge.
  • He downloads the registration form from the website, completes it and sends it back to Jen along with his AED2,500 (non-refundable) registration fee.
  • The registration fee guarantees his place on the Challenge and confirms to G4G that Hamad is serious about taking part and won't drop out at the last moment.
  • G4G then start making all the bookings for the Challenge – flights, accommodation, meals, transfers, guides, porters, etc.
  • Hamad now needs to do TWO THINGS: get fit for his Challenge and start fundraising his minimum charity donation of AED5,000 for the charity. G4G have already given him lots of info and guidance in his Challenge Pack on fitness benchmarks and fundraising ideas, as well as sharing a schedule of relevant fitness sessions in the lead up to his Challenge. He has all their contact details and knows they are happy to help where they can so he's feeling excited and confident he can do this!
  • Hamad also needs to ensure he is ready for the Challenge in terms of visas, vaccinations, the right kit etc. and again G4G have given him links to embassies, doctors, kit lists, and retail outlets with discounts.
  • As Hamad collects his sponsorship, he pays this directly to IHC (International Humanitarian City), none of the charity funds are kept by G4G.
  • 4-6 weeks before the Challenge, G4G host a pre-Challenge briefing where they run through all details of the day-to-day itinerary, required kit, key tips, travel arrangements etc. Hamad and his co-Challengers can also ask any final questions they may have.
  • One month before departure, Hamad must ensure he's paid 75% of the trip costs to G4G, paying the remaining 25% one week before departure.
  • Hamad sets off on his Challenge, full of nervous excitement. Some days it's a really tough physical challenge, but he feels a great team bond with his G4G rep and fellow Challengers who all keep him motivated; he has the time of his life and is elated at such a personal achievemnet.
  • On the final day Hamad and his co-Challengers visit the charity, meet the children and staff, and learn about the project they are supporting. It is a humbling experience and reminds Hamad of why he wanted to do this. 
  • Following the Challenge, Hamad receives regular updates about the charity project which he shares with his sponsors so they can also see the difference their support has made.

What does Gulf for Good get?

We are a non-profit organisation and take only the AED2,500 registration fee which goes towards paying our operational and admin costs.

Where does my charity donation go?

IHC process all charity donations (taking an 8% fee), they then release the funds which are sent directly to the chosen charity, supporting a sustainable pre-agreed project.

Can I use part of the money I raise to pay for my trip costs?

Yes you can so long as you make the minimum charity donation of AED5,000.

Not everyone does this, the majority cover their own trip costs BUT for some they simply cannot afford to do so. We look at it like this:

  • If Hamad cannot afford to pay his trip costs and is not allowed to cover them with the moeny he has raised, he doesn't go on the Challenge and the charity gets ZERO.


  • If Hamad can collect the funds needed to cover his trip costs, he does go on the Challenge and the charity gets an additional AED5,000 contribution from him.

We feel sure you’ll agree with us that the latter is a much better alternative!