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Challenge Director, Gulf for Good

  • To identify annual challenges in line with the organisation’s mission
  • Conduct research to see where/what might be of interest to potential challengers
  • Request potential ground handlers to submit high level challenge proposals for public and private challenges
  • Ensure challenge proposals are in line with Gulf for Good guidelines
  • Evolve guidelines in terms of worker rights, environmental impact, and safety
  • Work alongside Charity Director to match exciting challenges to potential projects
  • Present challenge proposals to the Board for approval (part of the monthly Board meeting report). Must present a variety (2-3 quotes for each new challenge) of potential challenges to be voted on, in the areas of high altitude trekking, low altitude trekking, cycling and multi-activity
  • Inform ground handlers about the status of their proposals
  • Get detailed agreements from all successfully selected ground handlers and give advice regarding charity visit logistics
  • Prepare and obtain signed agreement between Gulf for Good and ground handler
  • Provide a summary sheet to the Gulf for Good office with all relevant details of the ground handler, challenge, itinerary and marketing images
  • Provide on-going support to office team in terms of challenge logistics
  • Work with the Special Projects Director to coordinate and appoint suitable Challenge Representatives (subject to them passing our criteria) in conjunction with input from the wider Gulf for Good Board
  • Ensure successful delivery of pre-challenge briefing alongside designated Challenge Representative and support from Gulf for Good office
  • Provide follow up on feedback of challenge representatives to the Gulf for Good Board and ground handlers
  • Work with other Directors in achieving the organisation’s mission
  • Prepare board reports and attend monthly Board Meetings

Duties take a minimum of 10 hours per month and can be done with flexible hours. 

What we are looking for:  

  • Someone who is passionate about adventurous travel and has extensive knowledge of various locations
  • Experience in planning trip logistics
  • Creative; excited by looking into new and remote possibilities
  • Someone with time and interest in participating in Gulf for Good’s training activities and also joining a challenge
  • Preference will be given to previous Gulf for Good challengers
Please send your CV and interests to 

Gulf for Good are often invited to take part in a variety of events across the UAE - marathons, conferences, charity fairs, etc. Events are a great space for us to promote who we are and what we do to a wider audience. We really rely on the help of volunteers to help us do this. If you're willing to give up a few hours occasionally to talk to people about what we do, how we do it, how much fun it is, and the value of getting involved with an organisation like Gulf for Good then get in touch!