Weekly Fitness Tips

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The secret to burning more calories, faster

When thinking of how to burn the most calories in the shortest time, we can compare burning calories in our body to burning gas in a car.

Imagine you put your car in cruise control and aim to use a quarter of tank of fuel. It might take an hour, but eventually the car will get there. The engine will be hot but nothing too stressful and the fuel gauge will have slowly crept down as the car burned it relatively economically.

Now imagine that you floor the gas pedal all the way down, the needle rose into the red for 10-15 seconds and the car accelerated. After 15 seconds, you lift and allow the car to coast on its momentum for 45 seconds before repeating it again and pushing the needle back to the red. Flooring it and easing off will stress the car’s engine much more, but it will burn WAY more fuel much faster. That’s the effect of what is called H.I.I.T – High Intensity Interval Training. Training like this will allow us to burn more calories faster than spending an hour at a steady pace on the treadmill.

Each person’s red zone is different. What is important is that you find a trainer who understands your needs. Fitness levels are different to each person, so it is important that you push gently into your own red zone, whatever intensity that is.



By Keith O'Malley-Farrell 

 from The Physical Training Company. 



Each week Keith shares his top tip for staying fit!


Strength Training is Crucial When Losing Weight

When trying to lose weight, many overlook lifting weights and/or using resistance, thinking that it will lead to becoming buff and bigger (instead of leaner). As discussed last week (below), this is a common misconception.

Increasing the amount of muscle tissue on our body is the best way to lose weight. Increasing muscle mass increases the amount of calories we burn throughout the day. This is because lean muscles store more sugar than frail muscles. Increased muscle tissue therefore improves the storage of sugar inside the muscle and reduces the conversion of excess sugar to be stored as fat.

Imagine a small-engine car burning fuel at a traffic light compared to a big-engine car beside it. The larger engine will be burning more fuel simple just sitting there waiting to move. Now imagine when the two cars drive, the larger engine is going to burn EVEN MORE fuel as it drives compared the economical small engine car.  Now substitute petrol for calories: This is the effect of having leaner more conditioned muscles compared to slim frail unconditioned muscles. It doesn’t have to be body-builder type of muscles, but any muscle gain will help to burn fat. Therefore, lifting weights and/or resistance training is crucial when losing weight.

At The Physical Training Company, we ensure all of our clients use correct technique and safe movements using large muscle groups to give our clients the most “bang for their buck” during our programmes.

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August 23rd 2016: Lifting weights WILL NOT make you bulky

There is a common misconception that lifting weights will make you bulky. For people to get bulky, however, they must have a huge amount of testosterone in their system, more so than normal natural amounts. For women in particular they have only got amount of testosterone compared to men, so it is physically impossible for them to get bulky from lifting weights.

Using resistance to push the body is vital to the body improving and flourishing and should not be overlooked. The best kind of weight loss programme is one that combines resistance exercises with the correct intensity to ensure an over all cross training affect in the initial stages. This will make sure that a solid foundation is laid before clients move on to intermediate training programmes.

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Aug 16th 2016: Power Protein!

During exercise sessions, the body uses respective muscles to carry out the work required. The more we do, the more the muscles use energy.

During our gym sessions this is a necessary function for the body to develop. It is this breakdown and fatigue of muscles that enables the body to improve; in the time after our workouts, the body replenishes its wasted energy stores with protein. Generally speaking, the more protein we can ingest in the 15->60 minutes after exercising, the better the restoration of energy levels.

Not only is diet is a crucial part of any training goal, but also the timing of when to eat certain foods during the day.

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August 10th 2016: Are Evening Workouts Good For Us?

People who exercise in the morning often report feeling better and with more energy. They also perform better at work throughout the day…

After exercise our bodies release feel good hormones called “endorphins” which serve to mentally reward the body for its effort. These endorphins can change our perspective on daily stresses and enable us make better more balanced decisions. This can have huge implications on performance and mood throughout your day, especially in the workplace.

Joining a group training class in the morning is a great way to use each other as motivation to swing your feet on the floor when the alarm goes off because you know that your friends or colleagues are going to be doing the same! All for one and one for all.