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thailand2010 10s kit

These great (dri-fit) t-shirts are available at the Gulf for Good office for only AED100 - perfect for training and challenges (shown here in action during the Golden Traingle Multi-Challenge in Thailand, 2010)



Check out this excellent guide to fundraising, useful advice and tips!


The Ultimate Guide to a Fun & Successful Corporate Charity Event:



For everything you want to know about doing a Gulf for Good Challenge, including training, fundraising, getting corporate sponsorships etc., take a look at this blog by Sally Prosser, who took part in the Lebanon Mountain Eco Trail in 2010



Sam Dobson took part in the "Trek Ethiopia Challenge" in March 2011 and wrote a fabulous 'warts and all' diary of her experience in Aquarius Magazine, Gulf News.   This gives quite an insight into a particularly tough challenge.

Click the PDF link at the bottom of this page to read her diary (or click the link above)



You can visit our YouTube channel to see a collection of fascinating movies about Gulf for Good and all our activities.   Alternatively, follow these links:

  • Annapurna Circuit Trek 2009 movie (in two parts):

Part One:

Part Two:



Having the right equipment is crucial to your enjoyment and success on a Gulf for Good challenge.   Consult the kit list in the Challenge section of the websiteand start looking for the kit sooner rather than later - not everything is immediately available in the UAE, so you may need to order some items.

For some specialist items, we recommend consulting the following overseas suppliers:   Absolutely everything you need to buy for a mountain trek (and more) can be found on this website!   We have an account code (G2223) which gets 15% discount, but you will have to call them to organize it on UK 0844 557 7755.   Another all inclusive website in the USA with top quality gear

For ALL in Dubai, we particularly recommend Adventure HQ in Times Square, Telephone: +971 4 346 6824 or Toll free: 800-ADVENTURE (238368873) 

Once you register for a challenge, you will be sent a full list of equipment suppliers. 

NB: Gulf for Good have excellent quality 'wicking' fabric t-shirts for sale at only AED100.   With an eye-catching design, this is a must for all training and challenge activities.   Ask the office team for more details.

Based in Sweden, Light My Fire specializes in outdoor accessories that are as practical in the city as they are in the wild.   From making fires to eating meals - their products have been taken to heart all over the world by both the backyard and the backwoods survivalist.   The local distributors have been very generous in giving Gulf for Good many free samples of Sporks and Seat Pads to be distributed amongst our participants.   In Dubai, you may find their other products at Picnico on Jumeriah Beach Rd and Adventure HQ (at Times Square).


Our great friends at Adventure HQ have excellent staff who really know what they're talking about but, if you're not in Dubai, or want to do a bit of research before you go to the store, you can go to Cotswold UK's excellent advice pages called "The Knowledge".   Here are a few examples:

Sleeping Bags:


Cold & Wet:

Gear for Hot Weather:

Great article on layering in cold weather:



Taking good care of your feet before and during a trek is essential.  Kersten Elliott FSSCh MBChA Dip.Pod.Med (Kersten Eliott) has generously offered to give a 50% discount to all registered G4G challengers.

Not only can Kersten treat your feet, but she can also help you assess the hiking boots you intend to wear for a trekking challenge and, if necessary, assist you to buy suitable orthotic inserts, etc.

Kersten is based at the Dubai Physiotherapy & Family Medicine Clinic in Jumeirah and you can contact her on 050-794-5265 or .



Getting yourself fit for the challenges is your personal responsibility.   Gulf for Good run regular training weekend sessions to support your training, but sometimes it's helpful to get an expert's advice on your training.

Candice Howe of CrossFit LifeSpark Dubai is a great fan of Gulf for Good and clearly understands what is required for our challenges.   She is happy to meet registered challengers to discuss training routines, as well as give personal training sessions in the comfort of your own home.  

CrossFit LifeSpark also offer generous discounts on their CrossFit lessons.

You may contact Candice on 050-115-9733 or spamFreeEmailLink('Candice', '',true);"> or go to their website



Medical Expeditions have produced a free, downloadable PDF booklet entitled "Travel at High Altitude".   This is a comprehensive guide to the effects of altitude on all parts of your body, with tips on pre-trip preparation, recognising symptoms and how to treat them.   Handy tips include packing gloves with an absorbent patch by the thumb - you get blocked up easily at altitude, so gloves like these will be handy for wiping your nose!

Also, take a look at



Take a look at the website to get the low-down on one of our most popular and most effective group training techniques:


Download pdf