12th  to  20th April 2019 | Palestine

Palestine: Trek the Ancient Path

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Palestine: Trek the Ancient Path

A truly once in a lifetime adventure trekking through Ancient Palestine.

Friday 12th to Saturday 20th April 2019


This challenge will fundraise for Gulf for Good's 2019 children's charity projects. Click here to read more.

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Hike this historic route through Palestine's rugged mountains and deep, picturesque wadis. Discovering ancient communities, Bronze Age ruins, and Cliffside monasteries along the way. Explore the winding market streets of the old city and enjoy the warm hospitality of local families in remote villages and Bedouin camps for a rare experience of this fascinating country.

LEVEL: This challenge is a MODERATE test of our fitness, achievable by anyone in good health. It is advisable to train for a minimum of 3 months to build a suitable level of fitness and stamina. We run a variety of free, weekly training sessions that we encourage you to join before the challenge.

TRAINING: We run a variety of free, weekly training sessions that we encourage you to join before the challenge. Registration for this challenge grants you membership to Gulf for Good's soulFIT fitness community. Click here to read more about soulFIT.


➡️ In-country charity visit

➡️ Cross the famed Allenby Bridge

➡️ Step back in time exploring the ancient city of Nablus and Bronze Age ruins

➡️ Visit some of the oldest religious sites in the world and cliffside monasteries

➡️ Visit Mount Gerazim, the holy mountain of the ancient Samaritan community

➡️ Trek through beautiful mountains, hills, picturesque villages inhabited since Biblical times, deep, rugged wadis, caves and ancient roman aqueducts

➡️ Enjoy delicious traditional Bedouin meals and warm hospitality

➡️ Marvel at incredible views across the Jordan Valley, Jericho and the Dead Sea

➡️ Visit the beautiful cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem



• A challenge, adventure and charity experience of a lifetime!

• In-country charity visit

• soulFIT membership

• Branded challenge tshirt

• Unlimited access to all Gulf for Good fitness & training activities and hikes in UAE mountains

• Fundraising approval + support with fundraising events

• Pre-challenge briefing & get togethers

• Discount with partner outdoor outfitters

• Safety, medial & equipment advice

• Internal flights & transfers

• Accommodation, food & water

• First aid certified Gulf for Good support team

• In-country medical & vehicle back up

• Ethical, global standards for in-country guides and porters


No. of participants: Max. 25

TOTAL COST: AED10,800, which includes a minimum charity donation of AED5000

Either pay at once or opt for our easy installment plan below.

Payment deadlines:

  1. AED1000 (USD275) - Deposit toward Challenge Expenses (non-refundable and non-transferable) due to Gulf for Good to reserve your space on the challenge
  2. AED 2,400 (US $655) - 50% remaining balance towards Challenge Expenses due to Gulf for Good Tuesday, 12th February 2019
  3. AED2,400 (US$655) - 50% final balance towards Challenge Expenses due to Gulf for Good Tuesday, 12th March 2019
  4. AED 5,000 (US $1,360) - Minimum Charity Donation due to International Humanitarian City Thursday, 4th April 2019

(USD 1 = AED 3.67)



• International flights

• Visas

• Tips and spending money

• Vaccinations

• Insurance

• Kit items

• Drinks (other than water)


Leave behind your day-to-day problems and instead come armed with determination and a sense of humour!

This challenge will only go ahead with a minimum of 10 trekkers. The challenge costs are based on 10 pax or more. 

This event is under process for approval by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department.


Day 1 –  12th April, Friday: Arrive in Amman, Jordan
Arrival in Amman, Jordan and transfer to hotel.

Recommended flight from Dubai: Friday, 12th of April - DXB AMM 1855 2110 FZ143

Overnight in hotel, Amman Jordan

Day 2 – 13th April, Saturday: Nablus
Upon crossing into Palestine from Jordan over the Allenby Bridge, we will be met by our guide and transferred to Nablus (2 hours). We will take some time to explore the winding market streets, Sufi shrines, and medieval Hamam (Turkish bath house) of the old city before lunch. In the afternoon, we will visit Mount Gerazim, the holy mountain of the ancient Samaritan community, who have lived here since Biblical times but who are now reduced to no more than 700 people. We will also explore the church built over Jacob’s well and wander through the Bronze Age ruins of Tel Balata or Schchem, recorded in the Bible as the site at which Ibrahim/Abraham arrived in the Holy Land.

Dinner and Overnight in Nablus

Day 3 – 14th April, Sunday: Awarta to Duma (18.6km / 5-6 hours)
After breakfast, we will drive to the starting point in Awarta. From here, we will trek through the beautiful hills of the Nablus region from the picturesque village of Awarta to Duma.

Awarta, 8 Kms southeast of Nablus, has been inhabited since biblical times. It is 560m high above the sea level. The village territories which are a mix of plains and mountains interfere with the neighboring villages. It is famous mostly for planting olive trees, almonds, corn, lentils, and a variety of summer vegetables such as tomatoes and zucchini. The yield of olive trees is of the main source of income for many inhabitants.

Duma (where we end our hike for the day) is 25 kilometers southeast of Nablus. Duma's residents still mostly rely on irrigated crops, fruit orchards, olive groves and livestock for food. There are four water springs in Duma that provide water for the residents.

Dinner and overnight with local families in Duma

Day 4 – 15th April, Monday: Duma to Kafr Malek (14.8km/5 hours)
Today, we trek to Kufr Malek passing through the village of Mughayyar and alongside the deep, rocky wadi to the natural springs and archaeological site of Ain Samia.

We will then be transferred to Taybeh, a mainly Christian village, where we will enjoy a visit to the local brewery and then the ruins of the 4th century ancient church of St. George.

Dinner and overnight with a local family in Kafr Malek

Day 5 – 16th April, Tuesday: Kafr Malek to Al Auja (14.1km/4-5 hours)
We will begin our day with a quick drive to Ein Samia Valley. Today is a more difficult trek. We begin by trekking downwards to Wadi Al-‘Auja, a deep, rugged wadi that runs from Ein Samia (Samia Spring) down to Ein Al-’Auja in the Jordan valley. From Ein Al-’Auja, the trail follows the Wadi past ancient roman aqueducts used to divert water from Ein Al-’Auja to Jericho. We will also pass the ruins of a byzantine church. We finish our trek at the Al-’Auja Bedouin community where we will enjoy a delicious traditional meal.

We will finish the day by transferring to Jericho for Jericho City tour.

Overnight at the Aqbet Jaber Refugee camp guesthouse

Day 6 – 17th April, Wednesday: Jericho to sea level (18.7km/5-7 hours)
Today, we will enjoy a long and beautiful hike through the picturesque Wadi Qelt. We will discover the ruins of King Herod’s winter palace and then Deir Al-Quelt (st. George’s monastery).
The road then becomes easier as it leaves the monastery and heads towards a roman aqueduct - another spectacular landmark. The rest of today’s trail is in the Jordan valley, through remote lands and wilderness, following the historic road from Jericho to Jerusalem. We will finish in a Bedouin camp at sea level.

Dinner and overnight at the Bedouin community

Day 7 – 18th April, Thursday:  Nabi Musa to Mar Saba, Bethlehem (8km/3 hours)
We will begin with an early morning transfer to the starting point near Nebi Musa, which is in the eastern Jerusalem Desert. The history of this shrine dates back to the era of Saladin (1137 - 1193), the Sultan of Egypt, Syria, Upper Mesopotamia, the Hejaz, Yemen and other parts of North Africa.

From here, the unshaded walk is strenuous to Mar Saba, a Greek Orthodox desert monastery. Although challenging, it will be rewarding. Mar Saba is among the most ancient and wondrous desert monasteries in the Holy Land. Women have not been allowed into Mar Saba for 15 centuries, and will have to admire the monastery from afar - over its exterior walls.

We will then transfer to Bethlehem for lunch. In the afternoon, we will visit the Manger Square of Bethlehem, the Nativity Church, and wander the old city.

Dinner and overnight in Bethlehem

Day 8 – 19th April, Friday:  Jerusalem
Today, we will explore the beautiful city of Jerusalem, the hub of the three monotheistic religions. Our tour starts with an ascent up the Mount of Olives for a panoramic view of the old city and then progresses to the old city of Jerusalem. Walking through the streets and bazaars of the old city, surrounded by the scent of spices displayed in street vendors’ overflowing sacks, we will then visit the Wailing Wall. After lunch, we will visit the church of the holy sepulcher, the sacred site of Christ’s crucifixion, burial, and resurrection.
We will celebrate our success during dinner this evening.

Dinner and Overnight in Bethlehem

Day 9 – 20th April, Saturday:  Charity Visit and Departure
We will have an early start today to cross through the Allenby bridge. We will drive directly to the Baqa’aa Refugee Camp (the largest Palestinian refugee camp) and visit the centre for children, which is in need of a play area for the 390 children in the camp. After a few hours with the children and touring the site, we will be transferred 20km to the airport in Amman, where we will catch our departing flights home.

Recommended flight to Dubai: Saturday, 20th of April - AMM DXB 2210 0215+1 FZ144

This challenge will support Gulf for Good's 2019 projects:

Street Child Nepal

Larchfield Kids in Tanzania

Enjoro Primary School in partnership with The Foundation for African Empowerment in Tanzania

SOS Children's Villages Thailand


Contact us for more details!

As we will go through Jordan and Occupied Palestine (at Allenby bridge) on route to/from Palestine, both an Israeli and Jordanian visa are needed.

There are different requirements for both based on your passport. Please see the following links here: 

Israeli Visa: http://mfa.gov.il/MFA/ConsularServices/Documents/VisaRequirements-Tourists.pdf

Jordanian Visa: http://international.visitjordan.com/generalinformation/entryintojordan.aspx


Should you be exempt from the Israeli visa and can obtain the Jordanian visa on arrival (for example, if you hold a UK passport), then you will obtain a double entry Jordanian visa only, the cost of which is 60JOD (app. 85USD).


Should you require the Israeli/Jordanian Visa/(s), we recommend you allow a minimum of three months before the challenge to process. There will be a fee of USD50 to apply to immigration.

For more information on obtaining the Israeli visa, please see here.  A list of Israeli Embassies in other countries can be found here.

For more information on obtaining the Jordanian visa, please see here. There is a consulate for Jordan in Dubai and they can be reached on +971 4 397 0500. 


Unfortunately, those with Iranian, Syrian or Lebanese passports will likely be unable to obtain the necessary visas for this challenge. There is a chance that other nationalities may be denied. 

​Please ensure your own visa before you register for the challenge. ​

Still have questions? Contact us at