21st  to  29th September 2018 | Mongolia

The Wilds of Mongolia

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The Wilds of Mongolia 

21 September - 29 September 2018

Trekking, Cycling & Horseriding

Explore the fascinating land of Genghis Khan on this 8 day challenge while trekking, mountain biking, and horse riding in one of the last unspoiled travel destinations in Asia. Experience Mongolia’s spectacular mountain passes, dramatic gorges, and sparkling lakes as you test your stamina and endurance over some 300km in this vast country.  Enjoy the legendary hospitality of this simple, kind people.

NB: The horse riding will not be technical riding, instead it's a great introduction to horses. Please do speak to any of the team if you have questions or feel nervous about this component of the Challenge.

Level: This challenge is a DIFFICULT test of our fitness, but achievable by anyone in good health, willing to train for a minimum of 3 months to build fitness and stamina. We run a variety of free, weekly training sessions that we encourage you to join before the challenge.

No. of participants: Max. 25

Registration Fee (non-refundable): AED 2,500 + VAT (AED 125 / US $715) to reserve your space on the challenge

Challenge Cost: AED 8,000 (US $2,178) plus international flights (at your own organisation and cost)  

Minimum Charity Donation: AED 5,000 (US $1,360) 

TOTAL: AED 15,500 (US $4,218) plus international flights

(USD 1 = AED 3.673)

Assistance provided in advance by G4G: 
Fund-raising ideas; training & fitness suggestions; safety & medical advice; clothing & equipment advice.

What G4G provides on the challenge: 
Internal flights and transfers (if applicable), hotels/home stays/motels (on a double-occupancy basis), food, guides, medical & vehicle back-up.

Leave behind your day-to-day problems and instead come armed with determination and a sense of humour!

This challenge will only go ahead with a minimum of 10 challengers.

This event is approved by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, under license no. 1285

Day 1 – Arrive at Ulaanbatar

Upon arrival at Mongolia's capital, Ulaanbaatar, the group is received and taken to the hotel where you get a chance to get together and relax a little. The city of Ulaanbaatar has plenty of heritage and history and is a much loved city by its citizens.

If time permits we can explore the major landmarks; Gandan Monastery, with its huge gold-plated Buddha and the heart of the city, Sukhbaatar Square with several landmarks such as Parliament House, Opera Theatre. Sukhbaatar also has a temple complex with the statues of Chinggis khaan and his warlords.

The first day ends with an evening group dinner and we will also witness a fascinating performance of traditional Mongolian folk concert; songs, throat singing, and beautiful melody as well as ethnic dances.

Overnight in Hotel


Day 2 – Ulaanbaatar to Janchivlan to Shohoi Tsagaan (70Km)

Depart from the hotel for a few hours and then you get a first-hand glimpse of your bikes! We then mount our bikes and begin riding with an ascent to a small pass where three water catchments meet. The very last part is quite steep and short with some pleasant descent from here and continue south around a ridge.

We make our way back to the north up the adjacent valley. The main climb of the day at 1,930m is followed by fast downhill and a gradual ascent across open steppe grassland.

The cycling is done on a dirt road which is a good shape while you enjoy the vistas and end the day with a camp.

Overnight in tented camp


Day 3 – Shohoi Tsagaan to Zuun Bayan (80km)

The ride is a little longer on day three but with less of overall ascent. Crossing over rugged landscapes, we will cycle past occasional encampments of traditional felt walled tents of local herding population and their large flocks of sheep and goats, more seldom horses.

We head up to a major pass at 1,887m and descend with a stream running close-by the route. The road is a bit rocky with small river rocks strewn around and you will cross small stream crossings so expect to get your feet wet & feel the water beneath.

The day ends with an amazing riverside camp after crossing the Tuul river bridge. This is a gateway to the Khan Khenty, a spectacular land of wooded mountains that mark the southern edge of Siberian taiga.

A bit of history: The Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area is located in the Khentii Mountains, and includes the sacred Burkhan Khaldun Mountain. This is considered to be the birthplace of Genghis Khan, as well as one of the rumored locations of his tomb.

Overnight in tented camp


Day 4 – Zuun Bayan - Sutsadav (20km)

Start day four with a trek along the Sutsadav ridge. Enjoy spectacular views of the green landscapes, with flowers and forests dotting the beautiful covering the hillsides to either side of us.

A single trail trek, created by wild animals and local herding horsemen, the altitude will range from 1,600 - 1,900m. Our lunch spot is amongst beautiful granite boulders and wild- flowers and then we descend to the foothill of 2656m Altan Mt. which is our next day's challenge.

Overnight in tented camp and an early night to prepare for the next day


Day 5 - Altan Mt. (20km)

Day five you rise up to the main challenge to tour and climb the Altan Mt. It is the last frontier of human habitation on the edge of the pristine Siberian mountains covered in dense woods, home to abundant wildlife such as bears, wolves, deer and sables to name just a few.

It is a good 7 - 8 hours return trip that takes us to the height of 2,600m. Daunting a little, but you are rewarded with the most amazing views of the endless sea of mountains and forests beyond.

Return to our camp for dinner and a deserved rest


Day 6 - Altan Mt. to Tuul River (35kms)

Your first experience with the horses! A horse trek to the confluence of Tuul & Terelj Rivers is the highlight of day six. The stocky Mongolian ponies are trained in a way quite different from those of the West. They respond to a different set of commands and behavior on the rider's end. But worry not! You will have experienced local riding guides to help, instruct and accompany you when riding to ensure your safety.

A flat terrain, the day is good for riding at a decent pace and then end with night in tented camp side.

Overnight in tented camp for the last time


Day 7 - Tuul River to Yolt Pass (40km)

Another day of horseriding, we will ride downstream along the Tuul River and continue beyond its confluence with Terelj River before wading through the latter. Once across the Terelj River, you will reach an unusual and spectacular bowl of wooded mountains and granite formations at Terali NP.

For the night, you will rest in a camp comprised of traditional felt covered tents, locally known as 'gers'. Showers and flush toilets are located in a separate building.

Overnight in Traditional Ger camp 


Day 8 – Yolt Pass to Ulaanbaatar

After breakfast we take a 2 hour return drive to Ulaanbaatar. On arrival we transfer vehicles and travel 17km west to the Lotus Kids children's center. After spending time at the time we will transfer back to Ulaanbaatar where you have free time to explore the city and local markets. The last evening ends with a celebration dinner at a local restaurant.

Overnight in Hotel


Day 9 – Depart Ulaanbatar

Transfer to the airport for our return flights home

Lotus Child / Lotus Children’s Centre

The Lotus Children’s Centre provides a safe and loving environment to abandoned children who have suffered abuse and emotional trauma. Founded in 1995 by Didi Ananda Kalika, the centre is currently home to 80 of these vulnerable children and also takes part in community out-reach projects. Most important is the centre's dedication to the ongoing development of the children in their care, at present they are supporting 11 teenagers through further education.

For more information: http://www.lotuschild.org/


Mongolia has a relatively cool climate with short, mild summers and long, severe winters. The best time to travel to Mongolia is from early June through to the end of September. Travelers can expect an average range of temperature from 2C to 16C.


The most important and simple thing you can do to prevent illness is to be properly immunized. Second most important - follow food and drink guidelines.  We will provide you with a list of immunizations upon registration.

Visas & Passports

Check your passport is valid for at least 6 months after you arrive in Mongolia.  You should also have a couple of clean pages (no stamps!) left in the passport. All foreigners entering Mongolia require a visa.  Please check with the G4G office for further details.

Travel & Medical Insurance

G4G can arrange travel insurance for all participants.  You will be required to pay your insurance premium in addition to your registration fee and sponsorship target (20 Dirhams per person per day).  Further details about the premium, type of cover, insurance terms and conditions, etc. are available on request.  If you already have a travel/medical insurance policy we will require a photocopy of your card/details on registration.


A comprehensive sponsorship booklet is included in  your challenge pack.  There  are many different sorts of activities you could consider to help build  support for your challenge amongst family, friends and colleagues.    Seeking sponsorship in this way increases your profile, creates more  goodwill and raises awareness of the work of the nominated charities.    The G4G office can give you names of previous challengers who will be  happy to offer advice and maybe even assistance. Be aware that there are rules and regulations controlling public fundraising in the UAE – if   you have any questions, contact our office


We take your safety very seriously. It is our first and never forgotten priority. Please listen to your guides and follow their instructions.

Respect for the Environment

We maintain a firm commitment to conserve the areas we work in and ask you to do the same. Take only photographs and leave behind only footprints!

What We Supply

Flights/transfers from Beijing, daily meals, water and accommodation. All your gear will be transported each day to the night stop, except daily necessities carried in your own daypack. The international flights DXB/Beijing/DXB are NOT included.

A Typical Day

During the typical challenge day, you will be trekking/cycling/horse riding for an average of 7-8 hours.  You can expect a lunch stop, usually at a local restaurant or packed lunch.  In the evening there will be time to socialize and explore before dinner.

Special dietary requirements can be catered for with prior notice. Bottled water is available throughout the day from the support vehicle.

Personal Equipment

Travel light! Try to limit your baggage to around 15kgs. All bags are to be clearly marked and lockable.


A very detailed Kitlist will be provided in the challenge pack upon registration.

What to bring: (tick as you collect!)


  • A lockable, good sized duffle bag or suitcase with a top length zipper & name tag.
  • A light, small and comfortable daypack, preferably waterproof, to carry all small personal items needed during the day (sunscreen, extra T-shirt/jersey, energy bars, light-weight waterproof jacket, camera, toilet paper, antibacterial wipes, etc and some small change to buy refreshments at wayside shops).


  • Several pairs of lightweight socks
  • Several pairs of thicker socks for hiking
  • 1 pair of hiking boots/shoes
  • 1 pair lightweight trainers
  • 1 pair of sandals/comfortable shoes to wear at night to suit hotel and camping terrain


  • Several pairs regular underwear (sports tops recommended for women)
  • Thermals (in the event temperatures drop low)


  • Warm jacket
  • Light weight outer shell, wind/rain protection, with hood
  • Fleece
  • Lightweight sweaters (layers are best for when it gets cold)
  • 1 tracksuit or similar


  • Lightweight trekking trousers
  • Jodphurs if preferred for horse back riding!


  • Wicking T-shirts or short sleeve shirts/blouses
  • Long sleeve shirts, lightweight


  • Brimmed hat for sun and rain
  • Cycle helmet (mandatory)


  • Sleeping bag (4 seasons recommended due to temperatures possibly reaching zero at night)
  • Gel saddle (optional)
  • Cycling gloves
  • Swim Shorts or Swimsuit
  • A change of clothes for hotels
  • Head lamp or flashlight, pocket sized
  • Sunscreen, minimum 15 SPF
  • Chap stick with sun block
  • Sunglasses, and extra prescription lenses or contacts (very important)
  • Personal wash bag (include wet wipes & a water free 'hand wash')
  • Prescription medication
  • 2 water bottles, 1 litre size or water bladder, 1 suitable to clip on a bike


  • Snacks for the daypack
  • Camera (keep next to body on cold days to avoid batteries draining)
  • Reading material

Thoughts and ideas:

  • Be kind to your feet! If you plan on purchasing new hiking boots do so well ahead of time and allow yourself time to break them in. Bring some extra moleskin or Second Skin (Compeed) for fast foot treatment, plus tape and watch out for blisters.
  • A very good way to minimize the risk of blisters is to wear a thin liner sock under your regular thicker hiking socks. The liner sock should be made of a non-absorbent, wicking material, absolutely no cotton. Test your sock combination before you go on the trip.
  • Cotton is wonderful in warm weather, but once it becomes wet it drains your body heat. Plan on bringing at least one synthetic shirt that dries quickly.
  • Stuff sacks are great for sorting your gear. Use different sizes and colours to differentiate the contents. Plastic bags are also helpful to separate clean and dirty clothing.
  • If you normally wear contacts, bring a pair of glasses in case of eye irritation from dust.
  • Some of the trails can be rutted and dusty. It is a good idea to pack camera equipment and binoculars in plastic bags to protect them from the dust. This is in addition to their normal cases. Also bring some lens cleaning material.
  • Laundry is difficult on this trip but you can hand-wash a few quick-drying items.
  • Make 1 copy of your passport and take it with you; we will have a second copy in our files.

Miscellaneous Information:

  • Mongolia is 4 hours ahead of the UAE
  • Take US dollars in cash to change (take smaller bills, $20 and $100, and ensure they aren't torn)
  • US $1 = Mongolian Tugrik 2,400
  • A good reference book is Lonely Planet's "Mongolia Travel Guide"