5th  to  13th July 2019 | Tanzania, United Republic of

Trek to the Roof of Africa

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Trek to the Roof of Africa

Friday 5th to Saturday 13th July 2019


Our return to Kili! One of the world’s most challenging mountain treks and one of our most popular adventures. We’ll trek through rainforests, meadows, moorlands, via mountain huts, and up through “The Saddle” before the final ascent to Uhuru Peak (5,895m).

Level: This challenge is an EXTREME test of our fitness at high altitude, but achievable by anyone in good health and willing to train for a minimum of 3 months to build fitness and stamina. We run a variety of free, weekly training sessions that we encourage you to join before the challenge.

No. of participants: Max. 40 

TOTAL COST: AED12,700, which includes a minimum charity donation of AED5000

Payment deadlines:

  1. AED1000 (USD275) to Gulf for Good to reserve your space on the challenge (nonrefundable)
  2. Challenge Expenses of AED 3,350 (US $912) - 50% - due to Gulf for Good Thursday 4th April 2019
  3. Challenge Expenses of AED 3,350 (US$912) - 50% due to Gulf for Good Thursday 23rd May 2019 
  4. Minimum Charity Donation: AED 5,000 (US $1,360) due to IHC Thursday, 27th June 2019

(USD 1 = AED 3.67)

Not included: International flights, visas, vaccinations, insurance, kit items, drinks (other than water), tips, and spending money.

Assistance provided in advance by Gulf for Good: Fund-raising approval and ideas; training & fitness sessions, advice, and discounts with partner gyms; discounts on kit items with partners; safety & medical advice; clothing & equipment advice.

What Gulf for Good provides on the challenge: 
Internal flights and transfers (if applicable), hotels/home stays/motels (on a double-occupancy basis), food, guides, medical & vehicle back-up.

Leave behind your day-to-day problems and instead come armed with determination and a sense of humour!

This challenge will only go ahead with a minimum of 10 trekkers. The challenge costs are based on 10 pax or more. 

This event is under process for approval by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department.

Day 1 - Friday July 5th - Travel to Moshi, Tanzania

Overnight in Marangu hotel


Day 2 – Saturday July 6th - Charity Visit & acclimitization

After breakfast we will travel by mini bus to the charity where we will spend time interacting with the children and meeting staff. In the afternoon there is an option to visit some lovely waterfalls at a spot near Kilaremo and for those who wish, a chance to look around the local markets. In the evening, we will do a final kit check and pre-trek briefing.

Overnight in Marangu hotel


Day 3 – Sunday July 7th - Marangu to Mandara Hut (4 hours)

The first day’s climb is relatively easy and passes through rain forest to reach Mandara Hut. We will have a great chance to enjoy the verdant scenery, abundant bird life and monkeys that inhabit the forest. We will have lunch along the way before reaching the hut, where there will be some time to relax and explore before dinner.

Overnight at Mandara Hut


Day 4 – Monday July 8th - Mandara to Horombo (6/7 hours)

After breakfast, we will trek for about half an hour before emerging from the rain forest into Alpine meadow. The rest of the trek today is beautiful, with splendid views and spectacular vegetation.

Overnight in Horombo Hut


Day 5 – Tuesday July 9th - Rest/acclimatization

There will be a gentle trek to the Zebra rocks.

Overnight at Horombo Hut


Day 6 - Wednesday July 10th - Horombo to Kibo (6 hours)

After breakfast, we will begin the climb to the Kibo Hut. The route crosses the saddle between the peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi and then onto the high altitude desert, before reaching the hut.

Early dinner and overnight at Kibo Hut


Day 7 – Thursday July 11th - Kibo to Summit (12 hours)

Rising at 1am, we will start the ascent to attempt the summit. We should reach the rim of the crater at Gilman’s Point after a steep 6 hour climb up a loose scree slope. From here, those of us who still have the energy to spare(!) will continue on around the snow-covered rim to the highest point, Uhuru Peak, taking around an extra 2 hours. All climbers will descend past Kibo hut to the Horombo Hut for a well-earned overnight rest.

Overnight at Horombo Hut


Day 8 – Friday July 12th - Horombo to Park Gate

Today we will complete the descent to the Marangu Gate via the Mandara hut, and then transfer to the hotel.

Celebratory dinner and overnight at the Marangu Hotel


Day 9 – Saturday July 13th - Departure Day

This challenge will support two charity projects:

1) Larchfield Charity Organisation in Dar es Salaam was founded as a response to the desperate plight of Tanzanian children who have been abandoned by parents – either by reason of disease and death, divorce, or other incapacity to maintain the family unit. A group of Tanzanian private citizens decided to register a children’s home and to call it, “Larchfield”, to serve as a happy, safe and secure environment for Tanzanian children who have no home.   

The objective is to build and operate a purpose built children’s home, initially for 60 children, but phased to accommodate eventually up to 300.     

As of May 2018, Phase 1 has been complete and is now ready to accept 60 children. The children have been chosen and the board are hiring and training 15 staff to be able to open the doors soon. This will include 1 centre manager, 1 cook, 6 mamas, 6 dadas, and 1 driver.    



2) The Foundation for African Empowerment (FAE) is a not-for-profit nongovernmental organization dedicated to fighting poverty and improving the quality of life in the most underserved Tanzanian communities.

Enjoro Primary School is a public school currently with 720 students and 11 qualified full time teachers located at the Enjoro Maasai Village in northern Tanzania. The school is facing an acute shortage of classrooms, with students often studying in overcrowded classrooms, outdoors under trees or having shortened school hours to share the space. The classroom to student ratio is currently 1 to 144 students, whereas this should be 1 to 45. The school has three complete and two semi-complete classrooms which are shared by 720 students. By January next year, 2019 the school expects to enroll between 120 to 150 new students who will intensify the shortage if there will be no new classrooms.

We are partnering with FAE to build three classrooms (each one is USD13k), which will give an additional 200 students access to quality and consistent education and will bring the classroom to student ratio down to 1:90. 


If you have what it takes then download the booking form, print it off and send the signed and completed form with a cheque or draft for the required deposit to:

Gulf for Good

P.O. Box 506006
United Arab Emirates.

Tel:+971 4 3680222