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Country : United Arab Emirates


One of the photos above shows 7 employess of FITNESS FIRST who took part in the challenge as part of their overall challenge sponsorship - their support of the challenge was fantastic!

LATEST UPDATE - December 2013

Keeping up with G4G policy, over flow funds after the successful completion of the Al Manar school projects have been alloted to other worthy charities within the UAE, supporting needy children as initially intended.   :

Special Needs Future Development Center - Click for updates

Manzil - Manzil provides a highly professional care-giving and learning environment for individuals with special needs to nurture their potential & develop the requisite self-help, social, educational & vocational skills that are required to function in society.  

Update - January 2013

The tiling project at Al Manar School has been completed.  New tiles were laid to replace broken and badly damaged tiles in common areas and classrooms of both the boys' and the girls' sections of the school.   This work will make several areas of the school safer for the children's learning.

Update - November 2012

Our Charity director, Kim Lester, visited the Al Manar school on November 26 and found the labs to be complete!   The school has requested new stools for the labs and we are obtaining quotations.   

We're now working on phase 2.  The school's managers have a number of different projects on their wish list, including re-tiling common areas, playground equipment, projectors and a girls' IT lab.    We have requested proposals for these in order that we may progress phase 2.    Dubai Women’s College has kindly agreed to help us to define the next project for the Al Manar School.  

CAN YOU HELP? We are seeking Arabic speakers to help with research and project management.

Update - October 2012

The refurbishment of the labs is finally underway!   It's been a long, slow and frustrating process, but our (volunteer) Charity Director's perseverance has brought the project through to this point.

UPDATE - April 2012

The launch of projects at the Al Manar is frustratingly slow.  This is partly due to language barriers, but mainly due to the need for G4G (rather the charity school, as is the norm for G4G projects) to scope, resource and project manage all projects for the school.   This level of detailed project management is unprecedented for any previous G4G project.  

Given that the vast majority of G4G’s manpower is volunteer, we have been forced to tap on project management skills from the G4G community to assist us - should you have the required skills, it would be enormously helpful to have more support from you for this project. 

We now have two projects which have been identified by the Al Manar School:

1. Refurbishment of two labs:  we are waiting for a detailed quotation from a RAK contractor for the refurbishment of 2 labs at the school.  The estimated cost of the 2 labs is Dhs 80k.

2. Play ground:  Development of separate girls’ and boys’ play areas for the younger students at the school.  The scope of this work is still to be defined.

UPDATE - February 2012

G4G are endeavouring to push the Al Manar School to identify suitable projects.   Unfortuantely, however, the school is lacking in the required skills to scope, resource and project manage the projects.

In order to get the projects on the way, G4G are also trying to source people within our own G4G community with the required project management skills to help with this.

UPDATE - December 2011

Incredible!   Enormous congratulations to the cycling challengers for raising more than AED 300,000 for this charity school project in Ajman, UAE.

UPDATE - October 2011

We now have 29 challengers registered for the Cycle the Seven Emirates Challenge in November this year!  

This is awesome news for Al Manar School - the more who take part in the challenge, the more we can do for the school.

We're also really encouraged by how many companies have approached us to ask how they can help - donating money, goods or services to help these disadvantaged kids within our own country.

We're delighted to be raising the profile of this very deserving cause.

UPDATE - June 2011

The Al Manar Charity School is located in Ajman.   It provides free schooling to more than 2400 children up to the age of 16, but has no government funding, so is reliant entirely on public donations.

The children are of 36 different nationalities.   More than 400 of these children are either abandoned or orphaned and at least 2000 of them are living in very vulnerable conditions.   None of these children have access to government schools, as most are children of Bidoon and low -income guest workers.

At present, the school has over 60 classrooms and is divided into infant, girls, boys and senior sections, with approx 35 children per classroom.

In order to make the school safe and to create a proper environment in which these unfortunate children can learn, the school needs the following items:

  • new a/c units
  • new doors/door frames
  • multiple floor tiles
  • new/repaired roof
  • toilets in girls section
  • small new area concreted for playground
  • making good all electrical cabling

There is no website for this charity, but you can find out more by contacting our office at spamFreeEmailLink('admin', '',true);">

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