Al Noor Association for the Blind

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Country : Oman


The Al Noor Association for the Blind is the sole NGO that serves the blind in Oman.   According to the Ministry of Health Report of 2000, there are 17,000 blind people in Oman.

The association was established in 1997 and they conduct the following programs : Computer training, Language training and Workshops for handicraft.

Funds raised by the challenge provided specialised HAL and SUPERNOVA computer software.   These programmes give blind and partially sighted people the ability to use standard, off-the-shelf computers.   Training on these computers means that individuals are given skills that will enable them to find employment.

HAL is a screen reader program which reads everything on a computer screen in a clear and loud synthetic speech.   HAL enables blind users have access to standard off-the-shelf computers.   HAL may output synthetic speech or Braille or both at the same time.

SUPERNOVA is an upgrade of HAL, but it includes screen magnifications in addition to the speech and Braille support.   Partially sighted users may find screen magnification useful in addition to the speech aspect of the program.

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