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Country : Peru


Amantani is one of two projects to be supported by the 'Alternative' Inca Trail challenge 2013.    The other is the Latin American Foundation for the Future (LAFF)

LATEST UPDATE January 2016

Read a wonderful message from Amantani kids here:

G4G is so proud of supporting this wonderful initiative which will encourage performing and creative arts activities.

December 2015

 The construction work on the Arts Centre has started. A wonderful initiative which will encourage performing and creative arts activities and also serve as a a psychologist’s room as well as dormitories to be used by team members and volunteers who often need a space to stay the night after long period of work or cannot travel back home due to the lack of transport between Cusco and Ccorca. 

Graduation Ceremony in December 2015

On first Friday of this month, the Amantani team hosted a Graduation Ceremony for the 5 leavers who have finished their educational journey with Amantani. All the children and team gathered in the Boarding Houses and their tutors shared anecdotes from their years together. It is an extremely emotional time for the tutors and the young women. For the tutors they are saying goodbye to what has felt like their own children and for the girls it feels like they are flying the nest. Of course this is a moment which the tutors are very proud of and it is clear that the graduates are very excited about the chapter ahead.

October 2015

Gulf for Good has earmarked extra funds for Amantani in Q4 2015. We have had an additional donation come via the charity commission in the UK, to support Peru 2013 challengers, which amounts to approx US$ 7,720. The Amantani team is delighted with this new development as they have launched an ambitious Arts Centre project which can be finished with the extra funding.

The Art Centre is an anchor project; used for the Arts Programme, and is a versatile space used very creatively to conduct personal development workshops, teacher-parent meetings and film projections for learning.

The Arts Centre will be made up of two floors. The second floor will be the focal point where performing and creative arts activities will take place. Additionally, the ground floor will be made up of a psychologist’s room as well as dormitories to be used by team members and volunteers who often need a space to stay the night after long period of work or cannot travel back home due to the lack of transport between Cusco and Ccorca. 


November 2014

Boarding Houses have now been officially inaugurated and are in full use! We received a very comprehensive report that shows the impact this new space on on life and work for the children - it is such a game changer!

1. Increased Learning Time:
Come 3pm in the afternoon, the children split into six groups and now, for the first time, all six groups are on the same campus. If you stand in the middle of the new campus you get such a fantastic sense of everything that is going on! It feels a lot more controlled and in between lessons children do not have to walk up to 10mins (or more if they get distracted along the way) to get to the next class. This means that children arrive more punctually and each afternoon is maximised.
2. Increased Co-Educational Time:
The boys and girls are now able to eat together twice a day (lunch and dinner). The seating plan at both mealtimes is “boy - girl - boy - girl” and this creates a fantastic opportunity for girls and boys to mix. In a district where gender inequality is a serious issue, this has become a crucial part of the Boarding House experience.
3. Increased Teamwork:
Now, for the first time all Boarding House staff are on the same campus. Before each tutor was quite isolated in their own Boarding House. This change is massively important as it helps the team to coordinate their work, sharing strategies and concerns with one another. This has led to a crucial strengthening of the team’s communication and ability to work as a team.
4. Improved Computer Studies 
The new IT suite provides ample space for the children to take on their new computer studies course in the Boarding Houses. This is an increasingly important part of our work and perhaps the part of the construction the children are most excited about!


September 2014

 It has been an exciting few months for everyone at Amantani. This excitement has been fuelled by the new construction and the team at Amantani says that they all really enjoyed watching the amazing team erect the two new additions to the Amantani campus. The charity is very close to completing both phase 1 and phase 2 of the construction.

A detailed progress report is available here:


July 2014

The construction work has progressed very quickly in last few weeks. The latest image here shows it is only about a mtter of few weeks to finish the construction.


April 2014

Amantani have given us fantastic news!! They have now secured the remaining funding required to complete the construction!  For some time, they have been in conversation with a foundation in the US called 'Children of Peru' who have decided to cover the shortfall of $18,213 required for construction.  They have also confirmed an additional contribution to help continue developing the Amantani Campus with a 3-classroom block.  This is wonderful news and will mean that all children can live and study on a single campus which will have a real impact on the efficiency of the project and what they are able to do with the children.  As you can imagine, we are all absolutely delighted!! 

G4G has released US$10,140 which has been received by Amantani.  A big THANK YOU from Amantani to Gulf for Good challengers for kickstarting the whole process.  None of this would have been possible if it were not for your incredible initial support.  Your funding has done more than cover the corresponding costs of the construction.  It has encouraged other funders to get behind the project and we are now in a position to offer such an incredible opportunity to the children in Ccorca.

Update- March 2014

After successfully having chosen a great contractor, the construction work for the new dormitory at Amantani is well underway.  We are happy to share the initial images of the foundation work. Keep up the good work Amantani!

Update - October 2013

Gulf For Good have agreed to support Amantani in building the new Dormitory, a new Classroom and Toilets for the Tikas Boarding House.  A total of US$26,000 has been ear marked for the project.  As soon as we receive the related paperwork, the initial funds will be released.

Original Information

Over the next 12 months Amantani are looking to expand the Tikas Boarding House in order to include more toilets for the 20 girls living there, as well as a new classroom which will host classes for all 64 of the children in the boarding houses.

This will make a huge difference for the children.  The classroom will be used for various lessons including information technology, academic support and personal development workshops.

Gulf for Good’s support in making these improvements will help Amantani go such a long way towards preparing the children for the challenges that lie ahead.

Background Information

Amantani is a UK-registered charity, whose mission is to help the children of Peru to 'keep their smiles'.   In wiritng the following summary, we have drawn very heavily on an excellent report submitted by Amantani in support of their project proposal.   We believe this speaks for itself:

Amantani bridges the gap between home and school for children living in Ccorca; a small district in the high Andes of Southern Peru.  The ‘Physical Gap’ is a 4-hour walk between home and school, whilst the ‘Educational Gap’ is an irrelevant curriculum that alienates indigenous children.

Thanks to Amantani’s 5-year presence in Ccorca, they understand the complex cultural and social context. They also know the local people and organizations who are in a position to make a difference.

Ccorca lies at an average altitude of 3,600 metres above sea level.   Its population is thinly spread amongst rural communities, with the majority working in agriculture, but the district is the poorest in the region.  The monthly per capita income is 194 Peruvian nuevos soles (HDI UNDP 2005); this is around US$76.

-       67% of the youngest generation suffers from malnutrition

-       81% of the economically active population has a low level of education

-       37.8% of the population is illiterate

-       50% of the adult female population is illiterate

The geography of the district means that children have to walk up to eight hours daily to get to and from school. This is clearly a huge barrier to obtaining an education. It means that children arrive too tired to concentrate in class and frequently fall asleep.

A lack of adequate teacher training and mostly spanish-speaking teachers (rather than the local Quechua) are exacerbated by a curriculum which is largely irrelevant to their context.  They leave school vulnerable and unprepared; with little option but to take jobs that are paid at a lower than average rate and with working conditions which breach their human rights.

The three boarding houses now offer a truly life-changing opportunity for over sixty children.  During the morning, these children go to their state-funded school as normal.  In the afternoon, instead of walking home they come to Amantani’s nearby boarding houses.

Children gain up to 1,024 hours a year by staying in the boarding houses instead of tackling the walk between home and school.  Amantani make the most of this time to prepare children for the challenging lives which face them.   They offer an inter-cultural curriculum which helps children grasp the foundations of arithmetic, reading and writing, whilst also dedicating time to the instruction of practical skills which will help children prosper in their local environment.

The children help to manage two greenhouses where they can learn agricultural skills that can be applied back in their homes.  The children are involved in each step of the cultivation process.  It is a brilliant opportunity to talk about nutrition and when the time comes to eat what they have grown, a crucial attitude of self-sufficiency is instilled.

Amantani works closely with the children’s parents, who are involved in the taking of high-level decisions through the Parents Association.  They also contribute to the day-to-day running of the project through providing food and firewood as well as their incredible strength, which helps with the maintenance and construction of buildings.

Amantani has been blessed with a skilled and dedicated team of staff, many hailing from communities like Ccorca.  Drawing on experiences from their own often-difficult childhoods, they can guide children through similar obstacles. Led by an expert psychologist, they also help children combat learning and behavioural difficulties whilst working with their parents to improve their situations at home

Last year, 26 pupils in the boarding houses were awarded a diploma at school for finishing in the top three places of their class.

100% of the children in the Amantani Boarding Houses have grown to a healthy weight for their age group.  When this is combined with the energy they save by not walking to school, the children are so much more dynamic in the classroom.

The boarding house is a safe house away from troubled homes where children are allowed to be children. They have created lasting friendships and strengthened their self-esteem and their identities.    For more than ten children, a bed in a boarding house represents a direct diversion from exploitation and abuse in local cities.

“There were about seven older girls.  I could see immediately the development that they had made.  They were very mature young ladies and confident!  Some more than others, and interestingly I think the three girls set to leave this year stood out as being more confident than the rest, which just shows how important their time at Amantani is in terms of building up self-esteem.”    Charlotte Allen - Visitor to the Amantani Boarding Houses - August 2012

For more information, please see Amantani's website:

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