Christina Noble Children's Foundation (CNCF) - Mongolia

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Country : Mongolia


CNCF is a charity that provides homeless and underprivileged children with a home and education.

Sponsorship raised by participants in the Journey to the Centre of the Earth Challenge in Mongolia in 2006 helped to provide gers (traditional Mongol shelters), construct a new hygiene facility, construct a basketball court and build an underground food storage facility.

Part of the sponsorship raised by the Golden Triangle Challenge in Thailand in 2001 funded the Educational Support Programme at CNCF in Vietnam.   A small amount of money was also used to purchase a camera for the Child Sponsorship Programme.   This camera has been an invaluable asset as the Child Sponsorship Programme continues to grow rapidly, with over 1,000 children enrolled in the programme in Ho Chi Minh City and several surrounding provinces. 

The camera is used on a daily basis and enables the CNCF to maintain clear records of all the children entering the programme.  Their child sponsors worldwide often send them very warm feedback when they receive a new photo along with a life/school progress report.

Sponsorship raised through the Great Asian Cycling Challenge in 2013 will be used to build a 3-room kindergarten in Vietnam. This kindergarten will enable poverty-stricken children to commence their education whilst their parents seek work.

We will have more details on the project soon.  In the meantime, you can visit the CNCF website:

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