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Country : Mongolia


LATEST UPDATE – November 2014

The Wilds of Mongolia 2014 participants has raised approx 195,000 AED ($53k), which is FANTASTIC! It also means that now this challenge can support another charity, CNCF Mongolia.

Read a comprehensive report by the charity HERE

The main purpose of children's centre's by New Choice Charity is to help children with learning difficulties, and especially those with Down's syndrome.  The educational system in Mongolia is free but it does not have any facilities to accommodate such kids, and as a result, they do not get any of the help they so desperately need.  It is compulsory to attend school. The centre has been set up to give these kids a place to be themselves,  to teach them life skills, and build up their confidence to survive (and hopefully flourish) in the world.  This does not have a socio-economic bias, therefore all kids are welcome, regardless of their background.  The charity has been working with the deaf kids that we met for many years, but this is the first time they have had their own place to go, rather than New Choice going into the schools and working with them there.  They also plan to have training for the parents, to help and support them with  the management of their child's disability.

The children who attend the centre are either referred to them by hospitals or schools, or through the social services offices.  

May 2014

The great news is that almost all the raw material for construction is already acquired by the charity. A very experienced local construction contractor is working on this project and they will start the groundwork as soon as the weather gets slightly warmer, which is few weeks from now.

Original Information

New Choice charity, was founded in 2004 by Bayarjargal Damdindavga, (member of children's council of the Prime Minister of Mongolia) out of deep concern for the welfare of orphans and other vulnerable children in Mongolia. Since then they have become a strong and active body of people bound together by the same concern. 

They are a registered (27 February 2004 No:1037633) non-governmental and non-profit organization, based in the capital Ulaanbaatar reaching out to the whole of Mongolia.

New Choice aims to place community development in the hands of the program’s participants by empowering them with the skills and confidence to address their needs.  New Choice‘s is 100% owned by the Mongolian people.

In the last 10 years New Choice have served over 15,000 children between the ages of 1-17 years old and their parents who are their primary care givers.  They have served children in Ulaanbaatar, Tuv province, Baganuur district, and Bayan-Ulgii province. 


Some of the local projects they are involved in are described below:

Shoe Donation Programme: Liaising with shoemaking companies outside Mongolia to provide shoes for the needy

 Warm Clothes and Warm Hand: Through donation drives, collect new and second hand clothes and donate collected clothes to orphanages and other needy people

Helping hand: Build and repair houses, toilets, fences through cooperation with children’s parents

Service Hours: Provide medical services, care service to children and elderly persons by volunteers and specialist. Also teach English to children, youth, adults and professionals by native speakers.    


The Gulf For Good Project

The sponsorship raised through the Gulf For Good challenge aims to build a Children's Centre 30kms outside Ulaanbaatar in Gachuurt Village for children who require long term medical treatment and care. The Centre will also provide a learning and recreational environment to children with Down's Syndrome.  

Apart from the essentials of the interiors and exteriors of the centre, the project will include perimeter fencing, septic tank, electric transformer, coal boiler for heating etc.  


To learn more about the great work done by New Choice, please CLICK HERE

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