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Country : Ethiopia




PROJECT COMPLETE!  G4G have donated the final US$7400 to RAEY for paving the new playground with concrete or other suitable material in compliance with the new government regulations.  This will give the children a great surface to play instead of gravel and dirt.

On 7 June 2013, RAEY hosted the 'official' opening of the school (although it has really been in operation for more than a year!)   Please follow this link to see the short heart-warming video of the opening ceremony:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMmwQBmS4os&feature=youtu.be

Read RAEY's fabulous newsletter here : http://www.raeyfoundation.org/newsletter-download/Novemeber%202012RAEY-November-2012.pdf

This newsletter also gives details of RAEY's vision for the future to make the school sustainable by, amongst other initiatives, opening one fee-paying class for each class of non-paying students.

Update - November 2012

G4G’s donation has been used to build a new RAEY school for Kindergarten through G3.  The new school includes 6 classrooms, a dining area, kitchen, 2 toilet areas and a fence to separate kindergarten and primary students.  To date, we have transferred US $73,000 leaving $7,400 available for additional works. 

Meanwhile RAEY have successfully raised monies from other sources for a new bus to transport the furthest students to school.


Stage 2 is now complete and we are waiting on the most up to date details for the final stage.


Stage 1 was completed in time for the start of the school year, creating rooms for Lower KG, KG, Prep, Years 1 & 2, a sleep room, resource room and office.  

Construction has commenced for stage 2 which will include further classrooms kitchen, dining area and medical and dental rooms.

The children and their guardians are very proud of their school and are taking very good care of it.   The children love the quiet, bright, well-ventilated classrooms.


Phase 1 of the newly funded complete (4 classrooms & toilets)

Phase 2 being re-costed and will include 3 more classrooms, kitchen/dining
Paid to date US$27,4000



The people behind the vision

In 2007, husband and wife team Mengesha and Frehiwot clubbed their money together to educate 40 children in their community who had lost one or both parents to HIV/Aids. “These children were desperate,” recalls Mengesha. “Many had no food. Some walked over 10 kilometers to get to school with nothing to eat but a piece of stale bread. Others didn’t even have that. They would scurry across the floor picking up the crumbs the other children dropped on the dirt floor. We had to do something. That was the beginning of Raey.”

Frehiwot says Raey gives the children more than food, clothing, medical care and a safe place to learn. “We give them, and their families, hope and love. In the beginning some were so traumatized they wouldn’t even speak. Now we have over 120 happy, thriving children. We recognize that to help the children we must also help their families and the community.”

News travels fast. As a registered NGO recognised by the Ethiopian government Raey has a long waiting list. “For enrollment this academic year over 100 children applied,” says Mengesha. “We only have the means to take on another 40. Each time we have to choose the most desperate cases. I am a father. I cry at having to turn them away.”

In 2011, out of 60 other educational institutes, the Ethiopian government assessed Raey as being the best in the district.

The untold stories

The real story behind the success of Raey lies in the kids whose lives have been changed forever. Every child has a story to tell; of poverty, desperation and survival. Raey has given them all hope and a future. Here are the first two of a series of their stories. In accordance with the Ethiopian child protection law, photos of individual children cannot accompany the stories and surnames have to be omitted.

Magdelawat is an only child. She has a vague memory of her father who died of Aids when she was a baby. Her mother is desperately poor and disabled due to elephantiasis, a common sub-Saharan African parasitic worm that disfigures limbs leaving them grotesquely swollen and painful.

Knowing she couldn’t care for her daughter, Magdelawat’s mother took her to Raey three years ago. On arrival Magdelawat was malnourished and very quiet. Today, she is thriving. Thanks to the support of Raey, her mother receives monthly rations of oil, flour and soap.

Magdelawat graduated from Raey and is now sponsored attending a local private school. Last academic year she won the top prize for academic achievement in the district. If it weren’t for the vision of Raey she would be another of the many street children begging on the streets of Addis Ababa.

Everyone knows Masai, a tall strong boy they all look up to. It didn’t used to be that way. Masai lost both his parents to Aids when he was a baby. The local government allocated guardians to care for him and they turned to Raey when Masai was six years old. Teachers recall a very quiet, distressed and malnourished boy.

Through Raey he receives food, clothing, love and a much-needed sense of belonging. His life has changed forever. Masai has just turned nine and will be graduating with top marks from Raey this year. He has grown into a clever boy with strong leadership qualities and a bright future ahead of him. 


We are delighted to announce that RAEY Child and Family Development Association in Ethiopia has been awarded "Best School" in its district by the Ethiopian Ministry of Education.
RAEY is being rebuilt and expanded by Gulf for Good with funds raised through  "Trek Ethiopia 2011".   It was selected by the Ministry of Education out of 20 nominated schools.

During their visit to the charity in March this year, the Gulf for Good challengers were struck by the dedication and passion of all the RAEY staff and volunteers to considerably improve the lives and welfare of so many children and their families.   This award is true recognition of all their hard work and G4G are so pleased to be able to help them continue in a new, larger and improved school and community centre.


In recent weeks, RAEY have been notified that they must vacate the premises within 21 days.

RAEY have secured a plot of 1,120 sq m in Yerer, not far from its current location (the same plot visited during the challenge in March 2011).

RAEY is building a new community centre to include a school, toilet blocks, kitchen, recreation and communal facilities and medical clinic.    The cost of the new facility is $87k, of which $76k will be funded by G4G.  Our monies will fund all but the medical clinic.    All labor and supplies for the build will be locally sourced. 

Work has already commenced on Phase 1 and Gulf for Good sent the first installment of $27,400 in late May.


RAEY is an NGO with full Ethiopian registration and is strictly a not-for-profit organization.   It has Ethiopian administrators and complete adherence to the code of conduct for the DPPC (Disaster prevention and Preparedness Commission) as per The Ethiopian Government.

Dr Carolyn Roesler is the Project Co-coordinator and is registered to take part in the challenge!    Dr Carolyn is assisted by a small but dedicated team of volunteers in Dubai.    Together, they are working to ensure that immediate care and funds are provided to support RAEY and its associated projects to ensure long-term sustainability.

RAEY  helps children aged 4-10 years who have lost 1 or both parents from HIV/AIDS. These children and their families suffer extreme poverty and illness and RAEY aims to provide education, health and nutrition in a supportive, protective and nurturing environment.

At present RAEY educate 100 children from 4 - 10 years old : Prep - Year 4.   RAEY wish to expand their school, aiming for 200 children from preschool up to Year 7 .   The children will be then supported into secondary schooling.

G4G wish to support RAEY's education expansion by funding as much of the following as we can, dependant upon the amount of funds raised by the participants in Trek Ethiopia:

Stage One: build classrooms to allow this expansion, with a max of 3 classrooms 

Stage Two: build a community room and kitchen to support the expanded school

RAEY have secured a fabulous plot of loand on which to build the new school and, now that the challenge is over and the funds have been collected, we are waiting on final approval of the building project before we can go ahead with the work.


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