12th May 2016

Life-changing trek

Headline Xpress

A life coach who turned 60 just weeks ago and two thirtysomethings - an ex-serviceman at the Royal Danish air force and a corporate banker - are headed to Africa's highest mountain next month to help raise funds for the continent's abandoned kids. UAE expats Tricia Evans, Carsten Borden and Omer Sheikh will climb to the summit of the 5895m high Mount Kilimanjaro on June 30 as part of the latest charity drive by Gulf for Good - a UAE based nonprofit organisation that has till date raised over a million dirhams to support needy kids across various African charities by taking over 300 people to Kilimanjaro. Open to anyone who can commit to personally raising Dhl9,000 (50 per cent of which cover the expedition cost while the remaining go to charity)

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