9th May 2016

This month with Dubai Today - Kili trek of Suzanne Radford

2016 Suzanne Radford Treks to Kili with G4G

Trekking at high altitude over 6 days reaching 5,892m and supporting the Larchfield Charity Organisation.

UAE's celebrity Radio Presenter Suzanne Radford shares her preparation and fitness activities with Good Taste magazine.

Suzanne on her trek: "It’s been over a year since my last challenge and I’m ready to take on the ultimate ‘Kili’ (as she is affectionately known). Taking the Marangu route on the eastern side of the mountains, I will trek through varying terrains including rain forests, meadows, moorlands and ‘The Saddle’ – a high altitude, 5km wide desert. The journey will steadily take me to the renowned Gilman’s Point (5,681m) and the glaciated summit at Uhuru Peak (5,895m)." 


Read the feature here: http://www.gulf4good.org/en/media/get/20160512_May-2016-Good-Taste-Kili.pdf