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Gulf for Good challenge participants collect sponsorships which goes to a pre-identified and approved charity project, in the area where the public challenges take place. Charity funds are the donations marked for the project supported by the challenge. Gulf for Good challenge participants raise charity funds which goes to a pre-identified and approved charity project, in the area where the public challenges take place. 

Our policy is not simply to hand out money, but rather to identify important and well thought-out projects that will use the funds wisely. Where necessary, we work closely with other charities to ensure that:

  1. money is properly allocated and spent; and
  2. no future misuse is made of anything paid for by G4G

No money raised by challenge participants goes to G4G's administration, which is funded solely by subscription fee and donations.

G4G has a very sound monitoring system for all charity funds as per our governance policies. All the charity expenditures are approved and monitored by the Charity's accountants, auditors and Board of Governors.

We endeavor to notify both, the charity, and the challengers on any particular challenge on the total funds raised, by approximately one month after the challenge ends. This is in order to ensure that all monies raised through online donations and otherwise, are received and collated as accurately as possible before being published.

All challengers are requested to track their individual amounts raised on various online platforms, and are responsible for making sure that these payments are sent to G4G office via correct channels.

We do not give estimates of total funds prior to a challenge taking place but rather prefer to publish the actuals once we have collated the funds received via multiple payment gateways.

We share regular updates on how this money is used by the charity; of stages of construction/update and completion of the project. All this information is public and available on our website.

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  • Abel Santa Maria School for the Visually Impaired

     Gulf for Good visited this school in Havana during the Revolutionary Ride challenge in Cuba in November 2010.   Funds donated to the school have been used for necessary capital expenditure on replacement doors.

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  • Al Manar Charity School

    The Al Manar Charity School, Ajman provides free schooling to more than 2400 children up to the age of 16. With no government funding, it is reliant entirely on public donations.

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    UAE 2011 - Al Manar Charity Kids
  • Al Noor Association for the Blind

    Oman. Supported by the "The Mussandam Challenge " in 2006

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  • Amani Children's Home

    Tanzania. Supported by the "Kilimanjaro Challenge" in 2008 and "Trek to the Roof of Africa" in 2012

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  • Amantani

    Amantani is one of two projects to be supported by the 'Alternative' Inca Trail challenge 2013.    The other is the Latin American Foundation for the Future (LAFF) LATEST UPDATE January 2016 Read a wonderful message from Amantani kids here: G4G ...

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    2015 Dec Graduation Ceremony 6 Amantani