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We believe every child has the right to a happy and sustainable life!

We raise funds for partner charity projects through our challenges and other initiatives. Each year, we select four to five projects. Each project is supported by a designated public challenge where participants collect sponsorship and also visit the project site during the challenge. Our 2019 projects are in partnership with Street Child Nepal, Larchfield Kids, the Foundation for African Empowerment, and SOS Children's Villages.

We believe that if a child has access to fair and quality education, health services, and a safe and supportive environment, they are capable of leading successful lives, changing the conditions of the communities they grow up in. By investing in children, we are changing the livelihoods of generations to come.
Our strategy is aligned to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How we select our charity projects:
  • The project is in line with our strategy: for education, healthcare and/or housing and in line with the UN SDGs above.
  • Must be with a registered charity, with the capacity to provide financial reports.
  • Project addresses long term needs.
  • The main beneficiaries are children, girls in particular.
  • The project takes a grassroots approach and is driven by local communities.
  • The project is for capital investments. Our partners must have alternate sustainable funding for their running costs.
  • Our charity partner is a specialist on sustainable growth, values equality and justice, and does not discriminate on religion, politics, or race.
  • We often conduct multiple projects with the same partners until they reach the point of self-sustainability. Our existing charity partners are given priority.
How we monitor spending:
  • Before the project takes place, our Gulf for Good rep and challengers visit the project site.
  • We break the project funding into 2 to 3 installments. A progress report with photos and receipts is to be sent prior to the installment transfer.
  • After completion of the project, the implementing charity sends a final report.
  • Gulf for Good arranges for an independent site visit, be it by a Gulf for Good representative or through an independent third party in the country.
  • Annual follow up conducted.

We share regular updates on how this money is used by the charity; of stages of construction/update and completion of the project. All this information is available on the individual charity pages below.

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  • Ashraya

    India. Supported by the "Great Indian Adventure" in 2004

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    Cambodia. Supported by the "The Great Asian Challenge" in 2005

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  • Bethel Foundation

    The Bethel Foundation is a Beijing charity that provides loving foster care, education, therapy, and training for visually impaired children in China, many of whom are orphans.

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  • Bethel Foundation, Philippines

    Based in the Philippines, on the island of Cebu, SPACE is the Foundation's latest project. Founded in 2012 it is designed around small "spaces" which we can use to reach different people groups It stand for "Special People Accessing Creative Education".

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  • Borneo Child Aid Society

    Malaysia. Supported by the "The Borneo Challenge" in 2007

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