• Preeti Mundhra

    ENBD Kilimanjaro 2013 Private Challenge

    Keep me informed about new challenges.  It was an interesting experience and helped me get into a disciplined fitness regime.  Your staff on the challenge was mature, sensitive, experienced and responsible.  This probably was one of the key reasons why so many of us made it to the ...

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    ENBD Kilimanjaro 2013 Challenge PM 2
  • Lulu Skidmore

    The High Atlas Challenge Morocco 2014

    It was a fabulous challenge, very well organized and Mike was an excellent group rep. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely do another one. 

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    Lulu Berry passport photo
  • Jerome Esgana

    The High Atlas challenge 2014 Morocco

    I want to express my gratitude to G4G for the pre-challenge activities designed for this challenge as it prepared me to complete the challenge. Also a big thank you to Mike for being always eager to assist the challengers before and during the challenge. I will cherish the memories of this ...

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    Jerome Esgana passport photo
  • Rosalyn Ranido

    The High Atlas challenge 2014 Morocco

    Thanks for the wonderful experience and for keeping us safe during the challenge.

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  • Richard Lawson

    The Last Shangri-La 2013

    Fantastic trip.  Leader was excellent!

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    Richard Lawson passport photo