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13th  to  21st June 2014

The High Atlas Challenge 2014 (Morocco)

Explore ancient nomadic routes on this demanding trek in the High Atlas Mountains of central Morocco. Challenge yourself along steep ascents to the Jebel Toubkal summit, (4167 m), the highest peak in North Africa. This trek will benefit disadvantaged children of Morocco.

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  • 4th  to  12th July 2014

    Trek to the Roof of Africa 2014  (Tanzania, United Republic of)

    Kilimanjaro, one of the world's most challenging mountain hikes: trek through rainforests, meadows, moorlands, via mountain huts and up through 'The Saddle' before the final summit ascent to Uhuru Peak. Raise sponsorship to help impoverished street children in Tanzania.

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  • 3rd  to  11th October 2014

    The Wilds of Mongolia Challenge 2014  (Mongolia)

    Experience breathtaking Mongolia on this multi-sport demanding challenge including trekking, mountain biking and horse riding. Explore this vast country in the heart of Central Asia and get rare glimpses of its natural beauty and ancient culture while helping disadvantaged children.

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