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Are there age restrictions for challengers?
Generally, participants must be 18 or accompanied by a legal guardian. Some challenges may have specific age requirements, so check the challenge details. Throughout the course of the year, we do offer family-friendly challenges as well as easy to moderate hikes that can be done with children. Our volunteer challenges can also be done with children. It is important to note that all participants under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.
How are your funds distributed?

The distribution of the funds we raise is as follows:

  • 10% is allocated to support the emergency response efforts of our regulator, the International Humanitarian City, in accordance with UAE law.
  • 15% is designated for Gulf for Good’s own sustainability.
  • 75% is directed towards directly aiding children around the world.
How can I connect with other challengers before the trip?

Join Gulf for Good’s social media groups, WhatsApp group, attend training sessions, and participate in pre-challenge briefings to meet and connect with fellow challengers. Our growing community is the place to be for all things adventure and purpose. You are also welcome to join our community social evenings where you can meet members of our community as well as Gulf for Good team.

How do I prepare physically for the challenge?

Gulf for Good provides comprehensive training plans. Regular hikes, cardio workouts, and strength training will help build endurance.

I want to join your team, who do I contact?

If you’re interested in joining our team at Gulf for Good, we offer volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Please visit our Careers page for more information on available positions. Additionally, keep an eye on our LinkedIn and Instagram pages for any advertised roles for the Board (volunteer only) and Operations team. You can always send in your CV and relevant experience to [email protected]

Is fundraising legal in the UAE?

Fundraising in the UAE is legal when conducted only through verified platforms, and Gulf for Good ensures compliance with all local laws and regulations in this regard. Gulf for Good operates as a registered non-profit organization (NPO) in the UAE and is authorized to conduct fundraising activities in compliance with the laws and regulations of the country. We adhere to all legal requirements and obtain necessary permits to conduct fundraising events and campaigns. Our fundraising efforts are aimed at supporting charitable projects and initiatives that benefit underprivileged children around the world.

Is Gulf for Good a registered charity?

Gulf for Good is registered as a non-profit organization in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) under the registration number UAE NPO 150021. Additionally, we are registered as a charity in the United Kingdom under the charity number 1140294. These registrations signify that Gulf for Good operates in accordance with the legal requirements and regulations governing charitable organizations in both the UAE and the UK. As a registered charity, Gulf for Good is committed to transparency, accountability, and adhering to the highest standards of governance in carrying out its charitable activities and initiatives aimed at making a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children worldwide.

What does Gulf for Good do?

Gulf for Good is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals to make a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children worldwide through adventurous challenges. We organize and facilitate a wide range of adventure challenges, such as treks, climbs, and cycling trips, in various locations around the world. Participants raise funds through sponsorship for these challenges, with the proceeds going directly to support charitable projects aimed at improving the lives of children in need. Through our unique approach of combining adventure with philanthropy, Gulf for Good enables individuals to challenge themselves physically and mentally while making a meaningful difference in the world. Learn more about our 2024 Challenges here.

What is the connection between Gulf for Good and Thrift for Good?

Gulf for Good and Thrift for Good are sister entities working together towards a common goal of making a positive impact in the community. While Gulf for Good focuses on organizing adventurous challenges to raise funds for charitable projects benefiting underprivileged children worldwide, Thrift for Good operates as a charity thrift shop. Thrift for Good collects preloved items from the community, which are then resold to generate funds to support various charitable initiatives. Both organizations are committed to creating sustainable solutions to social and environmental challenges, with a shared mission of empowering individuals to make a difference through philanthropic endeavors. You can visit their website here.

What's the accommodation like during challenges?

Lodging options range from comfortable lodges to tents and local accommodations, depending on the specific challenge. Detailed information about accommodations is provided in the Challenge Pack, which is sent upon sign-up and registration. Additionally, Gulf for Good hosts several briefings, including a comprehensive overview of the kit list, a call with the Ground Handler, and interaction with the Charity Partner which provides additional insight.