2 DAY SPECIAL: Hiking in Buraimi, Oman

Friday 27th - Saturday 28th March 2020

Located in the north-west of Oman and bordering Al Ain, Buraimi descends from the southern slopes of the western Al Hajar Mountains. The area was once upon a time under the sea and as such is a geological wonder with fossils dating millions of years.

Only a 2 hour drive from Dubai, this is one of the closest wadi hiking trips to Oman and well worth it! A 4x4 is not necessary.

There will be two stunning wadi hikes, lasting around 3 hours each: one on
Friday afternoon and one on Saturday morning. The hikes are relatively moderate overall however there are a few steep climbs which may be challenging for some.
Appropriate hiking footwear with ankle support and strong soles are strongly recommended, trainers are not suitable.

Accommodation is in the lovely Wadi Sharm Hotel which is nestled in between the beautiful terrain of Buraimi.

Oman car insurance is essential for this trip and if the car is not owned by the driver, an NoC letter from the owner is required.

Hikers are required to pay for and organise their own visas in and out of Oman.

A BBQ dinner and breakfast will be provided by the hotel. Hikers will need to bring their own packed lunch, water and any snacks for
the hike. All additional hotel food items, along with any items from the rooms’ mini bar, will need to be paid by hikers upon check out of the hotel.

Data roaming for Oman is imperative – it will be required to use Google Maps for directions to the hotel – there are no signs!

Overall moderate however there are some steep climbs which may by challenging for some. It is a decent workout, but achievable by anyone in good health and fitness.
Hiking boots are necessary and trekking poles recommended. Trainers will be turned away.
Read more about the hiking grades here.

9am: Set off from Dubai
12pm: Arrival at the Wadi Sharm Hotel
1.45pm: Drive from hotel to the trailhead
2pm: Hike starts
5pm: Finish the wadi hike and return to the hotel
6.30pm: BBQ dinner

8am: Breakfast served by the pool
9.30am: Depart for second wadi hike
12.30pm: Finish the wadi hike
1pm: Arrive back at the hotel for an afternoon of relaxation by the pool
3pm: Checkout of the hotel
6pm: Arrive back in Dubai

Meet at Times Square Mall at 08.45am on Friday
Google pin: https://goo.gl/maps/m9Fk4hAi6uaVbThY9

Expect to be back in Dubai by 18:00pm Saturday
Driving time from Dubai is approx. 2hrs.

*Driving time from Dubai and border crossing through Al Ain are approximates and subject to delays. Please plan accordingly.

Once registered online through our website you will receive an email with full details - please note payment is required to secure your place, we will confirm by email. SPOTS ARE LIMITED and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.


  • The satisfaction of supporting a local charity
  • Hotel accommodation
  • BBQ dinner & buffet breakfast
  • Carpool organisation
  • An experienced guide with international Mountain Leader training
  • Experienced Outdoor First Aid Certified G4G staff
  • An inclusive, welcoming community spirit
  • A guaranteed weekend of fun & fitness!


  • Trekking shoes (ankle support and strong soles are highly recommended, trainers are not suitable)
  • Trekking pole/(s) recommended
  • Wicking fabric clothing
  • Minimum of 3L of water per day & rehydration tablets
  • Lunch, snacks for 2 days (nuts, fruits, energy bars)
  • Sun protection
  • Swimwear if you want to swim in the wadis & hotel pool

Safety is our top priority along with having fun.

Our Gulf for Good hiking guides, reps and staff are experienced with our trails and are outdoor first aid certified. Our lead hiking guides are trained international mountain leaders.

On every hike we carry extra water, first aid kits, a satellite phone and walkie talkies. We run risk assessments and have an emergency plan for each route.

We minimise hiking groups to 25 participants depending on the rating of the trail and run a ratio of 1 guide for every 10 hikers.

If you are new to hiking in UAE, for some of our more advanced routes we ask that you participate on a beginner level, moderate trail first. This is in the interest of everyone's safety and enjoyment.

Gulf for Good hiking reps and staff reserve the right to cancel a hike if they deem it unsafe and also to turn away participants if they are a risk to themselves and others.

Read more about our hiking grades here.

9 out of 10 people in the outdoors are uninformed about their impacts.

As much as we love hiking and want to encourage all to enjoy the natural environment, we have a responsibility to minimise our negative impact to the areas we hold dear.

Every step and every choice we make impacts the environment around us. Here's a few tips we want to encourage as we invite you on some of our favourite trails in the world.

Ditch single-use plastic and bring a reusable bottle.

We offer carpooling organisation to all of our hike starting points. Let us know if you're happy to either join other hikers to carpool together or offer up spaces in your car if you prefer to drive.

One of the most well-known wilderness rules is to 'Leave No Trace'. Whatever you bring in, you need to bring out. We also encourage to go a step further, by leaving the environment cleaner than we found it. If you come across trash, please help pick it up. Our G4G Reps/Staff always carry litter bags.

If you must go and you can't dig a hole, we encourage the use of biodegradable tissue paper and waste bag to dispose of properly later once off the trail. By choosing these options, you save your fellow hikers and locals from coming across unwanted human waste.

We encourage our hikers to maintain courtesy to other visitors and locals on the trails. Many people come to the outdoors to listen to nature. Excessive noise, uncontrolled pets and damaged surroundings take away from the natural appeal of the outdoors.

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