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  • What happens if I can’t achieve the charity funds minimum?

    100% of the charity funds must be ready 1 week before the challenge commences. f you cannot achieve this, you will be liable to forfeit your right to participate in the challenge. If you do experience difficulties, help is at hand so please phone us as soon as possible. The challenge pack contains plenty of tips and good ideas on how to fund raise.

  • How do we get travel insurance?

    As we will often be in remote locations it is vitally important to obtain a travel insurance that provides sufficient medical and other cover. We have a suitable policy and will send you details, on request, once you register. You may use your own insurance at your own risk. But do ensure that the adventure activity is included in your private insurance.

  • Will I fit in?

    Participants are of all ages (you must normally be 18 or over), from all backgrounds and different levels of fitness. Many come on their own and it is a great way to make new friends. Though groups are sometimes split for various reasons, there are no "fast" or "slow" teams.

    We all stay together in the evening and usually meet up for lunch.

  • How fit do I need to be?

    Although some Gulf for Good events are more challenging than others, e.g. Everest Base Camp and Mount Kilimanjaro, all demand a reasonable degree of fitness. However, self-motivation and determination are just as important. You should have plenty of time to get fit and we will provide a training schedule to help you. Remember, the aim is just to complete the challenge - it is not a race.

    We try to hold fitness training sessions and pre-event get togethers to check your fitness levels and give you a chance to meet the other participants. If you are unsure about your medical condition, please consult your doctor. Anybody over 65 years or with a history of serious medical conditions will need to supply a medical cerficate.

  • What happens if I have to pull out?

    If you have to pull out for any reason you will forfeit your deposit. If you have already raised charity funds these can be returned to the donors.

    However, if you do sign up for another challenge in the same year, the charity funds raised could be transferred to the other challenge subject to approval from the Gulf for Good Board of Governors. Any expenses incurred by Gulf for Good on your behalf would have to be reimbursed.