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The charity has been rescuing and caring for vulnerable children in Nepal since 1999. During this time the team have worked tirelessly to rescue trafficked children, and reunite them with their families where possible. Child Rescue Nepal operate a number of small ‘family style’ safe houses across the country, allowing rescued children the opportunity to attend local schools and rebuild their lives.

Whilst rescuing children from slavery is a huge part of the work the charity does, preventing children from being trafficked in the first place is far better, and far more cost effective. Recent research shows that 80% of trafficking victims in Nepal have never enrolled in school. The charity keeps children ‘safe in school’ and out of the hands of traffickers through a range of child-centred activities which are proven to improve school attendance rates.

Number of children impacted: 1,337 girls and 1,101 boys

United Nation's sustainable development goal: Quality Education, Good Health and Wellbeing

Charity number: 1078187


In December 2021 with the support of GFG raising USD2,212 (Everest Base Camp 2020 and Gymnation), CRN provided much-needed drinking water support to Bagmati Adharbhut School in the rural part of the Makwanpur district. Details are as follows:

Bagmati Adharbhut School, Bagmati-5, Makawanpur

This school is 70km from the district headquarters and is in the eastern part of Makwanpur. This is a plain mix with hill area and the majority of children come to school by walking between 30 mins to 1 hour every day. According to school records, there are 10 teachers and 385 students, and all the children are from marginalised Tamang and Magar communities. In this school, there are two buildings (one is new and another is old) with six classrooms - but no drinking water facility. Due to this, the attendance rate at school was irregular particularly during summer because it was so hard for them to be at school without drinking water. It was difficult to motivate children to be at school regularly. They had a toilet near to the school building, but there was no water facility at the toilet. Because of this, students hardly used the toilet – another discouraging factor for students to be at school for a whole day. We received a request letter from their School Management Committee (SMC) to provide drinking water support. We undertook an observational visit, did an assessment and met with the SMC and teachers. (There are also children represented on the School Management Committee). After the assessment, we decided to provide drinking water support to the school so that all the children including teachers would benefit from the facility.

Process of installing drinking water facility. We took an engineer to make recommendations on the best way to fix the water problem at this school. After this, it was agreed that they would connect the well and pump the water up to the reserve tank with a water filter and install a child-friendly tap. Finally, we completed the project and were able to bring a big smile to all the children faces.

Thank You Message from the Head Teacher:

Namaste. My name is Gokarna Thapa, the Principal of Bagamati Adharbhut School. We have a total of 385
students from poor marginalised communities. We were facing drinking water problem for a long time and because of that reason toilets were also not in use for a long time. Due to this, it was very difficult for us to keep children for the whole period, and we have a toilet but that uses only for urination. The daily attendance and personal hygiene of children were poor and very low attendance particularly in the summer season because of no water at school. I was very sad when 30% of girls of the menstruating age were absent for four days each month which gave us so much worry. We were rigorously putting this agenda at the school management and they started having a conversation with the government and other organisations but not being able to find the support. But one day CRN arrives at our school as a God who saw our pain being here closely and committed us to provide drinking water support. Now, we already completed the project with the support of CRN and our biggest problem has been completely fixed and solved. Now, we have a drinking water and water connection at the toilet too. It helps us to keep children hydrated and the environment has been clean. Now children are regularly coming to school, and enrolment is also regularly increasing, and they do not need to leave
classes halfway through the day. We would like to say Dherai Dherai Dhanyabad and Maya (Thank you very much and love) from our children and the entire team. You are like our God who blessed us! Now we all are very happy!



Current Charity Projects

The following are the charity's current needs that we are working towards supporting. 

The aim of this project is to prevent child trafficking by increasing the incentive an access to 20 public schools in Makwanpur District in Nepal.

 The planned interventions include:

1)              Providing two schools with libraries and learning materials

2)              Building separate girls and boys school toilets to remove barriers for girls

3)              Distribute 500 hygiene kits and training

4)              Distribute 200 educational bursaries to the poorest children

5)              Deliver teacher training to 24 teachers

The Safe in School program aims increase attendance rates and keep children in school, increasing their chances at a safe and successful life in turn.

Notes: This charity project may change due to changes outside our control. We will endeavour to keep to the planned project but cannot be held responsible for last minute changes that might occur. In all such circumstances, the Charity Director & GFG Board will have the final decision.

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