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The Foundation for African Empowerment (FAE) is a not-for-profit nongovernmental organization dedicated to improving access to quality inclusive education for all children especially those with special educational needs and disabilities in Tanzania through providing support services, awareness raising and advocacy.

Enjoro Primary School is one of their projects, a public school currently with 824 students and 12 qualified full time teachers located at the Enjoro Maasai Village in northern Tanzania. Results from a preliminary participatory community assessment showed that this Maasai community has tremendous needs in terms of improving access to education for all children including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). This community identified access to education as their number one priority. 

The school is facing an acute shortage of classrooms, with students often studying in overcrowded classrooms, outdoors under trees or having shortened school hours to share the space. The classroom to student ratio is currently 1:165 while the standard ratio is 1:45. The school has three complete and two semi-complete classrooms which are shared by the 824 students. With 824 students, the school is urgently in need of 13 new classrooms. Due to acute shortage of learning and teaching infrastructure, children with SEND are the most affected. Despite their desire and right to education, they are still kept at home since classrooms are inadequate and other school infrastructures are disability unfriendly.

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Disabled Access Classrooms x 2

In Oct 2021 a private challenge by The Physical Training Company, (PTC) to Kilimanjaro raised USD12,300 to build two disabled accessible classrooms with desks and chairs to accommodate over 100 children.  This brings the total to four disabled access classrooms provided through GFG supported projects. With a total of eight classrooms at Enjoro Primary school, the student ratio has reduced from 165 to 103 per teacher/classroom.  The company has already committed to return next year to continue their support of this program.

Protecting students of Enjoro Primary School against COVID-19

In 2020 in response to Covid needs, a donation of USD 2,500 was given by a private donor to supply 4 hand washing water dispensing stations, liquid soap and masks to protect against the Corona virus.  This initiative will not only enhance protection of 824 kids against COVID-19 but also promote best hand washing and hygiene practices.

Delivering school supplies to the students of the Enjoro Primary School

In collaboration with our partner the Gulf for Good between May 2019 and October 2019, the FAE was able to distribute school supplies which included school back backs, pencils, math sets, colours, pens and clothes to about 800 students at the Enjoro Primary School.  Besides, individual Mt Kilimanjaro Challengers also mobilised and donated reusable sanitary pads to about 450 girl students including those with disabilities at the Enjoro School.

Improving access to education for children including those with special educational needs and disabilities through classrooms building at the Enjoro Primary School

In July 2019, 45 challengers climbed Mount Kilimanjaro raising funds of USD 39,000. The funds raised for FAE were used to build and furnish 2 classrooms (each one costing USD 17,000) for the Enjoro Primary School giving an additional 100 students access to quality and consistent education and brings the classroom to student ratio down to 1 to 117. 




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