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SOS Children's Villages is an international, non-governmental, social development organisation that provides care, education, and health services to children who have lost, or who are at risk of losing, parental care. They help vulnerable families care for their children and they work to prevent the breakdown of parental care. When children can no longer live with their own families, they provide quality alternative care in SOS families.

This challenge will support the SOS Children's Village located in Sferai village, Lebanon to renovate the existing water treatment plant along with other water saving changes to the existing toilets and faucets to make the entire village more sustainable. Our goal is to raise $49,610, impacting children.

Please note that this challenge will support the priority needs of SOS Children's Villages at the completion of the challenge, which may vary from the above. We promise to keep you updated with any changes.


December 2012

The endorsed final report has arrived from SOS and we have transferred the final payment to SOS.  The project has been closed!

The Lebanon challengers should be exceptionally proud of what their efforts have achieved to help some of the least fortunate children in Lebanon.


Update - November 2012

The children and their SOS mothers continue to enjoy living in their safe new homes, but we're still waiting for SOS to send the final completion papers before we can transfer the remaining payment.


Update - March 2012

We are delighted to announce that the furniture and fittings are complete and the children and their SOS mothers are now living in their new homes - each SOS child lives in an SOS house he can call home, can spend time with his SOS family, share meals around a dining table and sleep in his own warm bed.

We have requested photos of the house and family.


UPDATE - September 2011

Supply of furniture for the two SOS houses in Ksnarbaba is almost complete.    The children will be moving into the homes within the next few weeks.    To date, we have paid SOS Children's Villages US$8.2k with the remaining US$11.8k to be paid upon verification of project completion.

UPDATE - June 2011

Work on the two SOS Lebanon houses continues.    The housemothers will begin training soon and be actively involved in the house set up before the children move into the homes in September.   

UPDATE - February 2011

An initial payment of US $8200 was made to SOS to initiate work on two new SOS 'family' houses in the Ksarnaba Village.   Further payments will be made as the project progresses.



One of the charities supported by the Lebanon Mountain Eco-Trail challenge in May 2010

This charity, provides a safe, secure family home for orphaned and abandoned Lebanese children.   This happy environment extends into their teenage and young adult years, when their personal development is encouraged into self-reliance and independence, equipped with the skills and confidence required to make their way in the world.

Funds raised by this challenge will pay for fully furnishing two concrete houses, each housing 8 orphaned children and their 'house mothers'.

As one of the participants of this challenge says "The SOS Children's Village in Lebanon is beautiful and well kept.   They are clean, well dressed, well-fed and are being educated well.   They have a house-mother who looks after them and they all think of each other as their siblings.   I saw genuine hope and happiness in the eyes of these children.   These are happy, healthy kids who one day have a great future ahead.   As most of the children are Lebanese, once they have got an education they will be able to go out and work in whatever profession they want to."

The PCRF visit was on day 1 of the challenge and the SOS visit was on the last day of the challenge.

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